Palestinians: No to Two State Solution: 61% of Palestinians Reject Statehood Bordering Israel

This poll is a bit confusing. A large majority of Palestinians actually do want a State bordering Israel, but once that’s done, they want Israel to disappear, with Palestine occupying the Nation of Israel.


Sixty-six percent believe the Palestinians should start off with their own state beside Israel, but then move to just one Palestinian state.

And 92 percent believe Jerusalem should be their capital.

The survey of 1,010 Palestinians — 656 in the West Bank and 353 in the Gaza Strip — was conducted by U.S. pollster Stanley Greenberg, along with the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion.

In light of the poll above, think about this: Neither Hamas, Fatah or the Palestinian National Authority, grant Israel the right to exist in their Charters and Constitutions, but exist they do. Israel has said there will be no two-state solution UNTIL and UNLESS, these factions accept and recognize the Nation of Israel’s right to exist.

Bet you think Gazans live in hovels? Take a look at the first video below. The second video is a Gaza Water Park, enjoyed by the boys. I do see one little girl not in shroud, but in something like a 1920’s bathing suit perhaps. The boys are in bathing suits in the hot sun – the girls in burkhas. The subtitle says Hamas burned the water park, but there is only a quick view.

Take a look at this video at American Perspective which lays out the plight of the people who live in what is known as Palestine. 

The Gaza Strip

Gaza Water Park I (video)

  • This has been the poll results for the last 63 years. Not real news, just new packaging.

  • Not to worry. Obama, “The Great Unifier”, will bring peace to all. And water runs uphill too.

  • We will never have peace, so long as the Palestinians refuse to compromise.