Oslo’s AlQaeda? Terrorist Attack on Prime Minister, Fed Buildings and Summer Youth Camp

As the news has rolled out today the photos of the damage to federal offices showed a significant event, but an unusual event in this country. Reports have claimed an unconfirmed al-Qaeda unit in Norway. I’ll have more on that as info becomes available. Today’s bombing was at least one car bomb outside the building housing the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who is unhurt. At this minute two seven (see updates on dead and injured below)  are reported dead and 15 (expected to change) injured, with unconfirmed persons trapped in at least one building. Sadder news is a report of gunfire at a Youth Camp outside Oslo about 1 hour after the attacks in the city of Oslo. The Camp is reportedly sponsored by the country’s Labour Party. Attendees at the camp range in age from 15-30, and 700 were in attendance. The good news is, today is a public holiday in Norway, and early reports were that all U.S. personnel in the country are safe. See continuing updates below, beginning with the lastest first.

Oslo, Norway Federal Building after 7-22-11 Bombing


Jens Stoltenberg

The Prime Minister, a member of the Labour Party, is scheduled to speak at the Youth Camp tomorrow (July 23), located on the island of Utoya. An attacker dressed in a police uniform is alleged to have fired into the camp.  NPR has confirmed that report, and said a man is in custody. It has not been confirmed that the two attacks are related. Fox News via Sky News, at 12:20 pm CDT, is reporting 5 shot and several dead.Norway charged an Iraqi cleric last week and has said he would kill Norwegians if deported.

Youth Camp on Utoya, Norway


An Iraqi cleric, Mullah Krekar, the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam [not al-Qaeda but ideologically the same], was charged with terror acts in Norway last week. He made threats against the lives of Norwegian politicians if he is deported from the country. He mentioned former Asylum Policy Minister, Erna Solberg, specifically.

The indictment also highlights comments Krekar made to NBC’s news program “The Wanted” in 2009. Krekar told the program the American people deserved the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and he condoned suicide bombings against Americans in Iraq. Bakkevik said the statements amounted to incitement of such attacks.

Mullah Krekar

Tundra Tabloids has a profile on this angry, angry Iraqi who says he fights the West from his Oslo apartment without a residence permit, without a work permit, without the right to own anything, without a passport, without freedom of association.”
Human Events:

The bomb was powerful enough to blow out every window in the 17-story building, as well as damaging several nearby structures.  Injuries from flying glass have been reported.  Several news sources believe the weapon was a car or truck bomb [now confirmed].  Some speculate that more than one bomb was detonated.

The city of Oslo, and the country are on alert. Oslo residents have been warned to stay away from the city center. Updates below as available.


UPDATE 7-23-11 – 9:35 pm CDT: A report this evening says 85 died on Utoya, including the 7 in Oslo, totaling 92 dead.

The buildings in Oslo are currently “too fragile” to search properly, and it is believed people, or parts of people still remain inside. Predictions are that the death total of Oslo and Utoya could reach 98.

Reason.com has links to Breivik’s alleged Facebook page, web postings and web comments.

UPDATE 7-23-11 – 9:50 am CDT: Fox News’ Greg Palkot has just said Norwegian authorities now believe the two terrorist events are the plan of the man they have in custody, Anders Behring Breivik. They believe there is not a Muslim jihad angle, that the bombings and shooting are similar to the Oklahoma City bombing – in other words, homegrown terrorism by a non-Muslim.

UPDATE 7-23-11 – 8 am CDT: Hearing on Fox this minute: 84 dead on Utoya. Now believe there was a second shooter and some on the island saw a second shooter. The shooter in custody, Anders Behring Breivik, purchased 6 Tons of fertilizer. This Fox article says he is now suspected in the bombing as well. Some children are still missing on Utoya.

Breivik is said to be a “fundamentalist Christian,” and “anti-Muslim.”

A second man is in custody, who was seen at the Oslo bombing site with a knife.

In hospital are 11 injured from Oslo and 16 from Utoya.

UPDATE 11:45 pm CDT: The number of dead on the island of Utoya stands at 80 tonight, and there may be more. Such terrible, terrible news. In Oslo the number of dead stands a 7 as earlier reported.

The name of the 32-year-old shooter has been released: Anders Behring Breivik. Motive still unknown.

Anders Behring Breivik

UPDATE 6:20 pm CDT: 

Police officials in Norway are saying these attacks are not international terrorism – more like Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, rather than 9/11. Right! Maybe that’s true IF the Helpers of the Global Jihad are taking false credit, and the Muhammad cartoons, or the terrorist mentioned above, are not a part of these attacks.

UPDATE 5:50 pm CDT: The UK’s Mail Online Youth Camp, reports at 3:30 pm London Time, “between 25 and 30 feared dead as a man disguised as a police officer opens fire on island…”

Another report says the man entered the camp after telling authorities that he was there to check on security after the Oslo bombing. Reportedly, children were jumping in the water to try to hide from the gunman, and hiding in trees. Click the link to Mail Online and see the photos of children and the bodies of those gunned down – and remember the kids died because of a cartoon. That’s who these Islamists are!

The Youth Camp killer is said to 32 years old,( and he doesn’t look like an Arab), 6′ tall, blonde hair, shot and wounded before being detained. He arrived on the island on a boat owned by the Norwegian Labour Party. “Undetonated explosives found on Utoya island.

Witnesses said the man in police uniform who opened fire beckoned several young people over before shooting at them. He told them to ‘come here’.

Helpers of the Global Jihad have taken credit. The group appears to be unknown. Mail Online says they have posted a message that the attacks are in retaliation to the Muhammed cartoons published in the country several years ago. The 6′ tall blonde man must be a Muslim convert. Police believe the two attacks are probably linked.

Island residents are being told NOT TO REVEAL their locations in social media, like Twitter or Facebook.

Back in Oslo, there are reports some of the damaged buildings near the federal building are media facilities.

UPDATE 12:50 pm CDT: Martha McCallum on Fox just said Norwegian authorities are now saying the attack on the Federal Building and the Youth Camp ARE NOT RELATED. Oops! Now the discussion is back to the events being possibly related.


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  • We’ll have to see who was responsible once the dust clears.

  • KT

    What a horrible crime! My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the victims.

  • alex

    time to start ‘profiling’ white middle class right wing christians I reckon… Only to keep our airports safe you understand.

  • MD

    I notice that you stopped updating, and presumably caring, once it turned out that a conservative racist christian right-winger was responsible.

    • Good grief! My last update was at 9:50 this morning saying that authorities do not believe there is an Islamic angle to the bombings and shootings. So far I’ve heard no other news, other than unconfirmed reports that 98 are believed dead – and it wasn’t clear whether that was on Utoya or a combination of both events.

      Al Qaeda in Norway was in the first reports of this horrible event, the Mullah made his threats and a jihadist group took credit, seemingly false credit. It’s all a part of the story.

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  • I dont think we have heard all the details my friend………………….

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  • Piper

    I think this tragedy is a good reason not to jump to conclusions before we know at least some of the facts. Several news sources and message boards were blaming Muslims when the bombings first happened.

  • It is interesting that the Norwegian terrorist SWAT team was doing a training drill on this very situation just 48 hours before. Just wait, now the media will try to drum up suspicion and maliciousness toward “Christians” and right-wingers as they are now suspect as possible terrorists. It was the next page in the playbook, after all.