OKC Bombing Tapes Missing: FBI Ignores FOIA

The controversy over the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City still rages, even if quietly so.  The shorter story is secret FBI files and what went into them, and what is still missing today. Still missing are critical videotapes that are strongly believed to have existed at the time of the bombing. The deadline for a three-year old Freedom of Information Act has just passed for the FBI, which thumbed its nose at the court. See a video below.

Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, OK

This particular FOIA was filed by a Salt Lake City, Utah attorney, whose brother, Michael Trentadue,  died in an Oklahoma City jail months after the bombing. They believe the FBI killed him, while the FBI claimed his death was suicide. I believe the Trentadue family believes Michael was mis-identified as the “third bomber” in the OKC bombing.

I haven’t followed this particular Murrah Building bombing angle, but I have followed many instances of FBI abuse. The fact that videotapes are still missing – said to be somewhere but no one in the FBI knows where – is stunning. You’ll remember that evidence of what happened outside the Murrah building on that April 1995 day, has been sparse. Rumors of a third bomber abound, yet there is reason to believe the videotapes still exist and were never handed over to authorities.

Through this FOIA, there is this testimony of FBI agent Ojeda:

Although there are many very good FBI agents, there are also FBI agents, including some who worked on the Oklahoma City bombing case, who are willing to subvert the truth in order to protect fellow agents.

Through this FOIA there is testimony of “zero files,” containing anything the FBI did not want prosecutors or defense to have.

The stunning fact about the current FOIA is that the FBI is not denying the critical videotapes showing the truck with convicted bomber, Timothy McVeigh arriving and all that followed, exisit. They have simply said, the tapes are somewhere, we  don’t know where, and we don’t have time to examine files to find them. Arrogant and in contempt of court.

The video below is from on-the-scene reporting minutes after the bombing. I don’t know what is true and what isn’t, other than this is live coverage.  Read the Bob McCarty’s whole story at Big Government. Read McCarty’s OKC Bombing reporting at his website here.

Live Reporting from Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building (video)