Obama Economists: Stimulus Cost Taxpayers $278,000 Per Job

Three of Obama’s own handpicked economists say, had we cut a $100,000 check to each person believed to have received a job courtesy of the $787 BILLION stimulus bill, we would have saved taxpayers $427 BILLION. The short story is that the stimulus cost taxpayers at least $278,000 per job.

Obama's Long Shadow over America

Furthermore, the council reports that, as of two quarters ago, the “stimulus” had added or saved just under 2.7 million jobs — or 288,000 more than it has now.  In other words, over the past six months, the economy would have added or saved more jobs without the “stimulus” than it has with it. In comparison to how things would otherwise have been, the “stimulus” has been working in reverse over the past six months, causing the economy to shed jobs. Source: Weekly Standard

  • We could have given them a Harvard education for less.