NYT Directs Obama Twitter Campaign #compromise: Oops! Conservatives Tweet Too!

Twice this week Obama has asked his followers to flood Congress with phone calls, email and tweets in support of his no-plan for raising the debt limit. New York Times reporter Jennifer Preston took it to another level by contacting the White House directly and offering this helpful tip (Check out the #compromise hashtag on Twitter. A few of my favorites are below).

Krauthammer quote 5:49 pm CDT: “It passed with the president sitting on the outside tweeting.”

LA Times:

…Preston tweeted two White House officials suggesting they start using a special #hashtag as Twitter users do to group messages of common interest. This White House has never been slow to use social media. Quickly, they came up with #compromise.

Daily Caller:

At 10:55 a.m. the Times’s Jennifer Preston suggested that administration officials might create a hashtag, so tweeting Democrats could jointly target Republicans who are now trying to pass their own debt ceiling plan.

Preston tweeted to a White House rep, saying “@macon44 Hi there. I heard the President ask the people to tweet re: debt ceiling. Are you guys using specific hashtag?”

A minute later, she tweeted a followup to White House staffer Jesse Lee, saying, “Hi Jesse, what’s the hashtag that you guys are urging people to use in their tweets to Congress re: debtceiling.” Lee is the White House’s s director of progressive media & online response.

There are at least as many Conservatives tweeting with #compromise, as Liberals and maybe more. Here are a few of my favorites below, and be sure to click the link on the second one.

Vicki Beyer

@Vintage_VickiVicki Beyer
Weird, I don’t remember a #compromise hashtag during Obamacare debate. #backofthebus
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@RepJimRenacci:@BarackObama, I searched for your plan on the debt limit and found this: http://t.co/8Y3LClf Makes it hard to #compromise.”

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Sloopy Drew

@SloopydrewSloopy Drew
New Rule: You cannot use the hashtag #compromise in a tweet, if you can’t explain where the compromise is. #topprog#p2

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