Norway Utoya Youth Camp: Israel Boycott – Palestinian Statehood – Break the Blockade Games: A Different Kind of Hate Brewing in Norway

The ‘youths’ at the Utoya Island, Norway youth camp were calling for a boycott of Israel, and statehood for Palestinians the day before Andre Behring Breivik came to the island and mercilessly shot and killed 66 on the island. These children were attending a youth camp run by the country’s Labour Party, and were immersed in some fairly heavy duty politics, courtesy of the adults in their lives, no doubt. Nothing like teaching the kids to hate on a beautiful and lushly green island on summer break. Note, they even have signs – Boycott Israel. They demanded a Palestinian State. One of the camp activities the week of the shootings was “Break the Blockade.” See UPDATEs below.

Norweigan Foreign Minister Gahre-Store, Utoya Island, Norway

Zalmi’s Weblog:

After being escorted around the camp by AUF leader Eskil Pedersen, the campers demand a boycott of Israel and that Norway recognize the Palestinian state.

To which the minister reportedly replied, to cheers from the ‘campers’: The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now.

Whilst this doesn’t change the fact that this was a monstrous slaughter of innocent kids, one has to ask who is this Pederson guy and to what lengths has his Workers Youth League gone to incite impressionable kids with such hatred of Israel fuelled by lies and propaganda about deprivation in Gaza?

Break the Blockade at Workers Youth Camp

It is reported that one of the main activities on Utoya last week was “Break the Blockade” games. Here’s a mock Palestinian aid boat bearing the sign Opphev Blokkaden Gaza – Unlock the Gaza Blockade.

Note that calling for a boycott of Israel and statehood for Palestinians, the children are not concerned about Palestine’s Constitution and Charters which call for the elimination of Israel. I doubt the ‘leaders’ told the kids about that bothersome fact.

The Sad Song of Norway: Its Antisemitic Refrain by Joseph Klein:

Oslo, 2006.  Miriam Shomrat, Israel’s Ambassador to Norway, was incensed.  And with good reason.

In September that year, a month after Oslo’s Jewish cemetery was vandalised, and just before Rosh Hashanah, three individuals in a passing car (later identified as two Islamists and an accomplice called Kristiansen), fired a volley of 13 shots at the synagogue.  The building’s facade was damaged, although luckily no one was hurt.

The attack came shortly after the government of Jens Stoltenberg (who of course has been very much in the public eye this past week, and has visited a mosque to show his solidarity with his country’s Muslims) ruled that security cameras monitoring the approaches to the synagogue in Oslo must be removed.

A court ruled that the attack with a firearm on a synagogue was not terrorism, but simple vandalism. Read the full story by Joseph Klein. It is worth your time.

The Labour Party is “committed to social-democratic ideals. Its slogan since the 1930s have been “work for everyone.” Except Israel. The Party “profiles themselves as “progressive.” A strong welfare state funded through taxes and duties is their mission. The Workers Youth League is the youth wing of the Party.

As you are quickly trying to get to my comment section to drop as many four-letter words as possible, think about the hate being instilled in these kids. They have no way to know the truth of Israel-Palestine with adults spinning the ‘occupation’ lies. This is not about blaming the children, and certainly not about taking even a smidgen of responsibility off of the very evil Anders Behring Breivik. He is evil. Deeply evil. I excuse nothing.

The fact is, we only know about the youth camp because of Breivik, and now we know about the anti-semitism at the camp – and don’t tell me there is nothing anti-semitic in calling for a boycott of Israel or advocating for a Palestinian state. Of course it’s anti-semitic to want to put a country, the only democracy in the region, in greater peril by granting statehood without a change of the Palestinian Charters and the Constitution. Block the Blockade games? Israel’s only concern is weapons coming into Gaza. It’s a real concern. Adults should know this. Those who do not are anti-semitic.

Update 7-31-11: Palestinians in the Fatah Youth group have taken part in the Utoya Labour Party Youth Group in years past – in fact for 15 years. These Palestinian children see no similarities to their parent’s own terrorism and that of Anders Behring Breivik.

Ma’an News Agency: 

…”We know those who have been cowardly assassinated. Those are people that have stood for the human and national rights of the Palestinian people both in Europe and while visiting Palestine.

“Fatah Youth has participated for almost 15 years in the same summer camp and our youth has benefited by learning and sharing experiences on democracy and advocacy for peace and justice.

Anders Behring Breivik is accused of being a Zionist. How much worse is being anti-Semitic?

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  • Don Laird

    Hello there………its me………..again,

    More and more truth comes to the surface regarding those moments on Utoya Island…….it seems the parents of these youth had decided to place their very own flesh and blood into the murderous crucible of international politics………it seems that Utoya, at first glance an idylic Norwegian playground, was little more than a training ground for the cannon fodder of Hamas and Hezbollah as young men and women were readied, through brain-washing and a steady diet of propaganda, to be placed into the breech of islamic terrorism………

    Utoya Island, a sort of Ikea-esque version of the madrassas of Pakistan where the very finest of suicide bombers are moulded……….

    So, I thought I would share my thoughts with you on parents who throw their children to lions………

    Here lays the truth….

    There is no difference between the muslim who whispers the blackest of lies in the ears of the unloved, the easily impressed and the dull witted and then, for the sake of political agenda, ignites these same lost souls in a blinding flash of light in the marketplace….where in a symphony of carnage and the sweetest of agony, the innocent are borne away on rivers of blood………this Middle Eastern creation, the work of madmen, the pride of Lucifer himself….. yet greatly admired by some as so too the Norwegian politicians and academia who whisper lies into the ears of their own children as they set out to the island of Utoya…….these so called educated and enlightened men and women who champion the cause of psychopathic, terroristic murderers…..these Norwegian men and women, closet national socialists, who seek the murder and annihilation of all Jewry on a global scale….these monstrous Norwegian men and women who whisper lies into their children’s ears and then set these children loose into the political arena to, in seeking, as all children do, the approving eye of that which gave them life, willingly act as little more than cannon fodder for their parents vicious agenda………

    How incredibly sick…… incredibly demented, these Norwegians who use their children as pawns in a game that they themselves are loathe to play……..wretched bloody cowards the lot……and now they stand on the world stage and, tears flowing down cheeks, with hand on heart, with refrains of melodramatic background music as their flesh and blood is lowered into the ground…..and now……with obscene hypocrisy……….they seek our solace and our sympathy…..what wretched souls these sick Norwegian psychopaths…….now, having offered up their very own children to the cause and conflict of islam and terrorism they will be accorded, with admiring deference by their fellow media luminaries, academics and politicians, the very best seats in cafes and bistros…..where, noshing on exotic cuisine, sipping expensive wines, dressed in shemaghs and wrapped in the Palestinian flag, the haute couture of media, mass murders and academia everywhere, they will be treated as celebrities for murdering their very own children… utterly vile………..

    In the darkened doorways lurk the omnipresent leering muslim vultures, Hamas and Hezbollah…….they sit quietly and marvel at a job well done…..for the slaughter of these deluded youth was a win/win massacre for muslims…….you find evidence of that in their immediate reaction to the bombing as every Jihadist group, muslim and islamist with an axe to grind didn’t just rush to the Norwegian river of blood….no, they jumped in and, splashing and frolicking about, claiming responsibility…..revelling, as they love to do, in the death and misery of innocents and children…….

    But as events unfolded and it became apparent that Anders Breivik was responsible……….these muslims faded away quietly as here was something beyond their wildest dreams…..and the academia smiled………..and the media was delighted…….and the band played on………..

    How utterly bloody wretched…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • K. Ohana

    Thank you Don Laird, for your comments.

    K. Ohana
    Montana, USA

  • I have had no sorrow for these Hitler Youth (To call them children is a lie. They were young adults who could very easily look up the truth and refused to do so.) The so-called “camp” was nothing more than a propaganda mill, so prevalent in anti-Semitism that the only thing that was missing was the replica of Auschwitz with the gas chambers and the huddled Jews being forced into them.

    • Angelos

      findalis, noone hates you because you are a Semite… Arabs are Semites too… we dont give a @!#$… about your origins

      The world hates you cause you are a zionist, talmudist and Nationalist Socialist aka Nazi.
      German Nazi’s were nothing compared to you…

      I love how Zionists Israelis act tough while Americans protecting them…
      you better make sure Americans dont wake up and turn against you.

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  • Ran

    Thank-you Mr. Laird.

    This news tells us more about the Norwegian Labor kooks than I wanted to know.

    We have learned two uncomfortable things: First, that the “men” on the island were too cowardly to take-on Breivik even during his many stops to re-load. Not one of them fought to save the life of a woman or child. Amoral cowards to the last.

    The second ugly fact is the parallels to the socialist youth movements of yore. I had thought that stuff ended in ’45.

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  • Uri

    While the terrible murders should not have occurred certainly the parents should learn a lesson from this tragedy and look into their country’s policies. If the only thing that is learned from this is the truth about Israel that would be at least some consolation.

  • jay

    I am sorry for the loss of life but I am amazed to read that Norways Government support of this camp was no different than a Nazi youth camp teaching hate.

  • Don Laird

    Well, there are many connections to radical islam and terrorism on Utoya…and now there are emerging connections between Norway, Utoya and Chechnya.

    Now we have a connection between Utoya and Chechnya… must remember the slaughter of children at Beslan….that massacre warmed the hearts of the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah and Chechans everywhere….

    Regards, Don Laird

  • Chris

    The massacre of the children in Beslan did not warm up cockles of the hearts of the people of Chechnya. The monstrous act of hostage taking in Beslan cattied out by terrorists culminated in a terrible massacre of children by Russian troops which used flame throwers, tanks and helicopters ‘to free’ the hostages. The Russian side of the story about terrorists’ starting to shoot hostages and that provoked the ‘humane response’ was proven wrong. Until the day, Russian government won’t allow an independent inquiry into the act of terror. Plus, the organization ‘BEslan mothers’ was intimidated into silence by the Russian government. Their demands to cast light on the events in Beslan fell on deaf ears and later they were forced to shut up. Thank you for the article about two Chechen young men – 16 and 17-saving the lives of kids at the camp.

    • Don Laird

      Nice try…..

      94% Sunni Muslim in Chechnya…..and as the children of Beslan were lowered into the ground….smiles on the faces of every one save a handful….

      So….nice try…..