New Ft. Hood Plot? Naser Jason Abdo Arrested – Two More Suspects Near Ft. Hood: Abdo Confessed

Update: Abdo has confessed to a plan to attack Ft. Hood (see details below). Pvt. Nasser (or Naser) Jason Abdo, an AWOL U.S. Army soldier stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, was arrested today near Ft. Hood, Texas in Killeen, Texas after he was reported as “a suspicious person.” According to Katherine Herridge on Fox News, explosives were found in a backpack, and an updated report says “explosives and jihadists” materials were “allegedly” found with him according to a U.S. Army source. The suspicion is that he was planning another Ft. Hood-type massacre at Ft. Hood, perhaps similar to the killings carried out by Nidal Hasan when 14 died and many were wounded, and two additional suspects are being investigated.  that “two other U.S. soldiers also raised possible concerns. Authorities have recovered weapons and possibly explosive materials.” I will have ongoing updates. See my 2nd article on Abdo’s father (and mother) here.

Naser Jason Abdo

Update July 29, 7:09 pm CDT: Along with shouting-out Ft. Hood killer, Nidal Hasan’s name in court today, Abdo also yelled the name of an Iraqi girl who was raped by American soldiers:

“Iraq 2006!” and the name of Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, a 14-year-old Iraqi girl who was raped that year before she and her family were killed. Five current or former U.S. soldiers went to prison, one for a life term, for their roles in that attack.

Naser Abdo’s father, Jamal Abdo, was deported from the U.S. last year after being convicted of soliciting a minor girl. He says his son would never hurt anyone. Read that story here. 

UPDATE 7-30-11: Thanks to Velvethammer at Ironic Surrealism for the following on Naser’s father, Jamal Abdo and his mother, Carlisa Morlan. Find updates and more background here.


Jamal Rateb Abdo, father of Naser Abdo

Jamal Abdo was caught in a police sting asking a 15-year-old girl for sex 45 times. A Garland, Texas detective posed online as the girl. He was arrested after showing up at the ‘girl’s’ home to have sex with her. He was deported and is living in Jordan, although he is Palestinian. Click the link above to Ironic Surrealism to read the entire story of Jamal Rateb Abdo.

Naser Abdo’s mother, Corlisa Morlan was convicted of drug violations, prostitution and theft in 2001 and 2002.

Naser’s sister says she is shocked, and let me tell ya, if she grew up in the U.S. and went to school here, which it seems she did, her teachers should lose their tenure and benefits.  A neighbor who went to school with Naser says he was ‘mean.’ Just click the link above to read the interview.

Back to Naser Abdo, he refused to stand in court today. We know that Naser was AWOL at the time he was apprehended, and we know he went AWOL after authorities found child pornography on his government computer. As Ironic Surrealism pointed out, Naser Abdo is a pedophile

Update July 29, 2011 12:06 pm CDT: Abdo was arraigned on charges today of possessing a illegal firearm. There are reports that as he left the court he yelled out the name ‘Nidal Hasan’ and the year of the Ft. Hood massacre ‘2009.’ Hasan is the killer who gunned down 14 and wounded 30 on the grounds of Ft. Hood, Texas. A Fox reporter says Abdo’s plan was to make two bombs, filling pressure cookers with gunpower.

Update July 29, 2011 8:25 am CDT: Confirming reports this morning that Abdo’s target was NOT Ft. Hood itself, as he wasn’t familiar with the base. The target was a popular restaurant soldiers and their families and friends frequent. Abdo planned to shoot-down those running from the restaurant after the explosion.

Update 7:45 pm CDT: Jennifer Griffin on Fox News reported Abdo’s target was a popular restaurant near the Ft. Hood base, which is frequented by U.S. military. I haven’t found any reports to confirm this, as yet.

Update 2:20 pm CDT: Fox News radio is reporting that Naser Abdo has confessed to plotting an attack on Ft. Hood. I’m awaiting more details, and this minute there is a news conference with Police Chief Dennis Baldwin. The spokesman will not say that Ft. Hood was a target, but that “military personnel were targets.” He is asked about other individuals that might be involved. He said Abdo was working alone, as far as they know at this time, and the other two suspects mentioned this morning were not involved.

The Police Chief Baldwin was asked how imminent an attack would have been, without arresting Abdo. He answered that without the arrest, the press briefing would be very different.

From PJTatler:

The report states that the Killeen Police Department received a tip from a local gun store owner about a “suspicious male” who asked about smokeless gun powder and then bought three boxes of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, smokeless gun powder and a magazine for a Springfield 9mm. He paid in cash and left in a taxicab.

KPD learned that the cab picked Abdo up at a local low-cost motel and that he had also paid cash for an Army uniform and Ft. Hood unit patches at a local military surplus store. The gun store, Guns Galore, is the same one at which Maj. Nidal Hassan bought the weapon he used in the 2009 terrorist attack on Ft. Hood.

A spokesperson for Guns Galore (the store Nidal Hasan bought weapons) was on Fox a few minutes ago, saying Abdo was trying to buy a large amount of smokeless powder or gun powder. He said Abdo asked how to use it, which tipped the merchant that anyone buying that much powder should know how to use it.

Pirate’s Cove notes that Abdo joined the military voluntarily (a year ago) and then tried to gain conscientious objector status.

Update 10:55 am CDT: Jennifer Griffin just on Fox confirming that bombs or bombmaking materials were found in Abdo’s hotel room, and said Abdo was trying to buy guns at Guns Galore, the same gun store where Nidal Hasan bought weapons. I wonder if the gun store was responsible for turning Abdo in as “suspicious.” At this time, Abdo is held on federal charges of child pornography obscene material.

Abdo went AWOL on July 4th, as authorities were investigating him after finding child pornography on his government computer. Abdo was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan. He applied for conscientious objector status but was denied. granted, then revoked, or put on hold after finding pornography on is computer. Read it at Fox News.

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