Muslim Dad Kills 6 Daughters for Honor: Arif Mubashir Saves His Honor with Six Dead Daughters

Holger at Holger Awakens has this heartbreaking story. As I read it, I could see these six girls, all huddled in a room with a locked door, holding each other as their father, Arif Mubashir, murdered them all for the sake of his own honor. The mother watched. What can be in the hearts of these parents? It’s too terrible to contemplate. Read the story at Holger Awakens. 
Thanks to Caution America for the graphic

  • Animals don’t do what these satanic filled idiots do. It’s time we get all of them off the planet.

  • And people wonder why we worry about Islam? No particular reason, other than a father killing his daughters, all in the name of his honor. Give me a break.

  • Hearts of the parents?? Islam cut the hearts out of its followers long ago.