Most Beautiful People 2011: Top 3 Republican Dem Shows at No. 6

The Hill Staff has released the 50 Most Beautiful People for 2011 and Republicans take the top 3 positions, the 4th is “nonpartisan,” the 5th Republican and at No. 6 we find a Democrat. Republican Amy Cheng, Camera-Ready, is No. 1. Democrat Jason Lindsay, Mr. Manners, comes in No. 50.

Amy Cheng, No. 1 The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful

Loosely counting, 16 Democrats made the list, 1 centrist, 2 Independents, 3 Non-Partisans and 1 Not Republican, leaving about 27 Republicans among the 50 Most Beautiful. Six of the Top 10 are Republicans, 1 Democrat, 2 Non Partisan and 1 Not Republican. In the Top Ten is Rep. Kristi Noem. Senator Marco Rubio shows at No. 23. See the list here and remember I said my count was “loosely” done, I don’t have time to recount.  To see more beautiful Republicans or Conservatives, see my Rule 5 Post: 26 Conservative Women with Beauty and Brains.