Mila Kunis: Casual Sex Like Communism – Accepts Date with Marine – Breaks Date with Marine

Black Swan beauty Mila Kunis is having a media-frenzied week – not unusual for her, but the reasons behind the interest is different. First, she accepted a date with a Marine inviting her to the Marine Ball in November, by video. You know that was very big news. Then GQ asked her about “casual sex” and she said it is “like communism — good in theory, in execution it fails.” Then she broke the date with the Marine saying she will be filming two movies in November. Now she’s accused of loving her career more than her country. Update: Mila said she would go, then renigged, but the latest news is, she will attend the Marine Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore.

Mila Kunis

Look at the video of the very handsome Sgt. Scott Moore in Afghanistan, issuing the invitation. Just a word to the Sergeant: you do know that Mila has broken off from a long time relationship with McCauley Culkin? Right? I mean, she ‘liked’ McCauley Culkin. I’m just not sure she’s the girl for you. She’s gorgeous and all that…but, she really, really liked McCauley Culkin.

UPDATE: one of my blogging buddies, Proof at Proof Positive is questioning what I meant when I said Kunis ‘liked’ McCauley Culkin (they had a long relationship) and maybe she’s not the girl for the Sergeant. What I meant is: any girl spending a lot of time with the very weird McCauley Culkin might not appreciate a real guy…like Sergeant Moore. I don’t know her – just sayin’

Sgt. Scott Moore Asks Mila Kunis to Marine Ball (video)


  • “she ‘liked’ McCauley Culkin” So, you’re saying she’s too high Mila-ge for the Sergeant?

    • Oh proof NO! She went with Culkin for a long time. He’s a wussy guy, and weird to boot. I think the Sarge can do much, much better. Maybe I’d revise my post so that it’s clear.

    • proof, I think I clarified in the post.

      • I’m sorry, Maggie! Your post was clear enough in the beginning. I just wanted to get a “mileage” joke in there! Yeah, McCauley Culkin is a strange choice. (I guess there’s someone for everybody?)

  • She’s missing out on a very good thing. Her biggest mistake.

    • Yeah findalis, who would turn down attending the Marine Ball, and I mean that sincerely.

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