Michele Bachman: Obama Thinks TeaParty is Toothless Hillbillies

Great video! Michele Bachmann is stumping in Iowa at a Tea Party rally, and says Obama wants you to think the TeaParty is” toothless hillbillies, coming down out of the hills, wearing red, white and blue. An Iowan says it will be hard to beat Bachmann in the state of Iowa.

Michele Bachman

Thanks to HotAirPundit

  • Of the announced candidates Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain are at he top of my list. I like Palin a lot, but if she doesn’t run she could very well be the king/queen maker.

  • Well Obama’s partly right.. I am losing teeth… because of his economy, I can’t afford dental, and I live in the mountains..and I’ve attended several Tea Parties. As far as the teeth I have enough to bite into the vote against him and his kind though.. even if I have to gum him out of office..

  • Ditto on Jim’s assessment minus the Palin part as I still am PO’d about her 2010 midterm antics. Gotta luv David Lemon’s comment and I’m just here to say, Michelle Bachmann, gotta luv her, Herman Cain, too bad he’s havin’ Newt problems, aka, staffers leaving.

    Let’s hope that all of the toothless hillbillies, your’s truly included, win out.

    • We may be toothless but we ain’t wittles…. Ok.. maybe we can’t spell wittles… I’m actually feeling we can win this next one in 2012. We have to or we won’t have the country that I grew up in any longer.

  • Obama is so jealous and is really rude to boot. Let’s boot the lying SOB out of office and kick him in the teeth. hehehehe YEA Michelle Bachman!