Marco Rubio Scorches Kerry and Congress: Kerry Wants to Reach Across the Aisle

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)  is extraordinary in this video as he scorches the pants of Congress. One emphasis is: raising the debt limit has become a nasty habit, as has proposing no budgets. Note he talks for 14 minutes with no teleprompter, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) asks two questions, and unbelievably, suggests “reaching across the aisle” to compromise.

Marco Rubio

Note that Rubio says Congress should have been diligently working on the debt limit since January, and unsaid is the fact that many new conservative members of the House have already voted for debt limit increases since January, while much opposed to doing so, with the promise from leadership that the House would eventually take care of business. We did take care of business. The House passed Cut, Cap and Balance, but then failed stand firm on it.

Rubio says he believes the President’s plan has been to do nothing until the last minute, and then force a last minute vote on something they wanted.

At about 6 minutes in Rubio reads a statement about raising the debt limit. Don’t miss it.

At about 9:40-in, Sen. John Kerry steps up and suggest “reaching across the aisle,” to compromise is the answer to the problem [translated: raise taxes]. Rubio answers:

 It is impossible to negotiate with someone who does not have a plan.

Rubio’s whole points is, almost everyone in both Chambers believe the debt limit must be raised, but we are missing the opportunity to take the measures that will bring us back from the brink permanently.

If my house was fire, I have no time to compromise.  I cannot compromise on which rooms to save. I save the whole house or it will all burn down.

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Marco Rubio Scorches Congress (video)