Marco Rubio Bob Schieffer: Marco Rubio – You Know You’re in Trouble When Communist China is a Better Place to do Business

Bob Schieffer has shown himself to be politically deaf, dumb and blind to reality before this interview with Marco Rubio, but the ‘politically deaf, dumb and blind meter’ surged on this Face the Nation segment.  “Where is the President’s Plan?” “…Communist China a better place to do business….”Here is a portion of Rubio’s comments.

Marco Rubio

This President has now been in charge for 2-1/2 years. He has increased federal spending by 28%. Washington went along with this prescription for joblessness…which was the Stimulus Package, and unemployment is higher than it was when he took over, significantly higher, in fact we have not had unemployment this high, for this long, since The Great Depression with no signs of it getting better.

Over 20 Million Americans, as you watch this program, are unemployed or under-employed and none of the things he said we need to do to turn that around have worked.

As far as waiting long to deal with this, here are the facts: I came to Washington in January. We already knew this debt limit was upon us. Nothing happened in the State of the Union. He proposed a budget that was so ludicrous that not even the Democrats in the Senate would vote for it , a budget that increased the debt, not solved it.

Months went by, weeks went by, and up until very recently the President was completely disengaged from this debt limit debate.

I think in the context of politics, there was a strategy to leave this to the last moment, so there would be a take-it-or-leave-it scenario as some are painting it right now.

I repeat, this is not a game. It’s a very serious issue. People watching at home don’t care who is going to win this debt limit debate. They want to know why they can’t find a job, and the answer is, until people have a credible solution to its debt problem, Americans will be afraid to invest in our economy and create jobs here at home…

[Rubio closes with this] When Communist China is a better place to do business than America, you know you’re in trouble.

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Marco Rubio and Bob Schieffer on Debt Limit (video)

  • Bob Schieffer, left in the dust of a brighter mind, and left with the lib talking points against cold hard logic, laid out by Marco.
    Rubio is amazing.

  • Bill

    I am proud to say that I voted for Senator Rubio. Someone finally telling it like it is.

  • Harry’s Ghost

    Senator Rubio and Capitalist China have trouble with the TRUTH! Lies, lies every where and not one truth to be found!