Louis Susman Obama Ambassador to UK Skips Ronald Reagan Tribute

Barack Obama’s ambassador to the UK, Louis Susman, skipped the July 4th evening event honoring the centenary if Ronald Reagan.  Susman did attend the unveiling of a statue of Reagon placed in Grosvenor Square yesterday, and Susman did host a breakfast for visiting dignitaries.

Ambassador Luis B. Susman

London Evening Standard:

“Our ambassador should be here,” said Lynn de Rothschild, the American entrepreneur who is married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and was one of Hillary Clinton‘s key fundraisers in 2008 as well as a supporter of several Republican presidential candidates. “This was an historic dinner to mark Reagan’s centenary and to celebrate him as the man who ended the Cold War. What could not be more important?

“Why is our ambassador not here on Independence Day? No excuse. How is it that America is not represented in this room by our ambassador? It is appalling that no representative of our government is in this room. This has the feel of petty partisanship.”

Ambassador Susman is, of course, a long-standing Democrat fundraiser, nicknamed the vaccuum cleaner for his skill at sucking donations out of the wealthy.  And his efforts to fill Obama’s campaign pockets was said by many to be his main qualification to come to London.

According to the US embassy spokesman: “Ambassador Susman was pleased to be invited to the dinner but was unable to attend.”

Read more about Margaret Thatcher and this event here.

  • Bolshevik scumbag

  • Reagan is the enemy to the Obamistas

  • Any chance Weird Science (cheesy 80s movie) could bring that statue back to life to save America?

  • That lack of class speaks volumes.

    I wonder if they’re still ticked that Reagan won the cold war?