Laura Ingraham John Boehner: Interview – Time to do What is Doable

Congressman John Boehner (R-OH) spoke with Laura Ingraham today and confirmed that he did tell his Republican caucus to get their “a***s in line and back his plan, which is in rework mode and will be presented to the House tomorrow for a vote. The Speaker says it is “time to do what is doable.” Since the interview, I’ve seen big changes in reporting: first, the House was behind the Speaker, second, maybe not, and in the meantime some TEA Party factions are calling for Boehner to step down. Besides the fact that no real cuts are being made, is the fact that a committee of six will be formed, if Boehner’s plan passes, and they will come up with the second round of cuts in April. I think it’s safe to say, many distrusts such a committee. In this video, Boehner says the three Republicans on the committee, neither he or Senator Mitch McConnell will appoint a Republican who will raise taxes. Right. Boehner says the ultimate answer is the Republican Cut, Cap and Balance which the Senate refused to bring up for a vote. Here’s the video:

John Boehner

Hot Air has an opinion about getting behind Boehner, or not.

Laura Ingraham and John Boehner 7-27-11 (video)