Jim Inhofe: Cap & Trade Done Through EPA Regulation – $300-$400 BILLION Annually to Taxpayers: Inhofe CARE Act to Cost Regulations

I heard Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) on Fox and Friends this morning say that the EPA gave China $178,000 for “Cap and Trade” (climate change) initiatives, which Congress refused to pass. Another line in the Congressional Record of the Executive Branch bypassing lawmakers. “We won and they lost,” Inhofe said, but the regulations to accomplish Cap and Trade will cost Americans $300-$400 Billion a year! In this video, Inhofe talks about passing his CARE Act to fight government regulations, which are costing us money and jobs. The CARE Act will trace and document these regulations. Sounds like a great idea, but we obviously need legislation to prohibit Executive Branch authority to allow regulations that Congress has refused to pass.

Jim Inhofe

Inhofe talks about unconstitutional The Clean Water Restoration Act which was defeated, along with House and Senate authors of the legislation in the November 2010 election. That defeated legislation “would have put the federal government crawling over every farm in the State of Oklahoma and the country, regulating any place where water actually stands…now they are trying to do it through regulation.”

Inhofe says his CARE Act, if passed, will require the CBO to go through every regulations and assign a cost to the taxpayer of that regulation. “Cost has never been a consideration,” he said. The CARE Act will be “a major breakthrough.”

Inhofe needs the public to put pressure on the Senate Democrats to pass the CARE Act. You can find you Senators contact information here.

Jim Inhofe on CARE Act and Costly Regulations (video)