Jim DeMint: Obama Needs to Keep His Word: Obama Being Political

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas interviewed Sentator Jim DeMint (R-SC) who says Republicans made a real mistake when they began negotiating with Vice President Joe Biden, in private, but we are track now with Cut, Cap and Balance. He explains how things went south for Conservatives, and why Obama must prove that Cut, Cap and Balance is unreasonable. He reiterates: there is not one proposal from the Senate and not one from the President. I love Jim DeMint and would vote for him for President in a heartbeat. He is a quiet speaker but never pulls a punch. Nothing flashy but spot-on true to conservative values.

Jim DeMint

Earlier this week DeMint said it is not impossible for Cut, Cap and Balance to pass the Senate with 60 votes because 20 Senators have campaigned on a balanced budge or balanced budget amendment. See those Senators here. Read more about Thomas’ interview at Daily Caller.

Jim DeMint on Cut, Cap and Balance (video)