Jim DeMint: Cut Cap Balance – Could Have 60 Senate Votes on August 15: Reid to Filibuster Cut Cap Balance

I thought I heard this snippet from Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) on with Greta last night and did find confirmation this morning. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Greta interrupt, so often, at the most inconvenient times. DeMint was prepared to say more, but didn’t have the opportunity. He says we have enormous organized support for Cut, Cap and Balance (Tea Parties, etc) but that the American people must engage now. Greta insisted Obama isn’t “sitting at the White House thinking I want to run this place into the ground.” DeMint had an answer, but she didn’t allow it. See the video below.

Jim DeMint

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I guess — I mean, you know, I understand your passion and other people in favor of “cut, cap and balance,” but when you look at the numbers, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. At least – – I mean, you’ve got to get 60. Do you have 60 in the Senate?

DEMINT: Well, we won’t have this week.


DEMINT: But we could have August the 15th, if we had to. The only way Republicans are going to get anything that helps our country is to let the president know if he’s willing to go past August 2nd, we are, too. And we don’t want to do that. It will be disruptive. But we won’t default and we will pay seniors’ Social Security and Medicare, unless the president just chooses not to because the resources are there.

Sure wish there had been more on finding 60 votes in the Senate for Cut, Cap Balance. DeMint later says Senator Mitch McConnell assures him he is working to pass CCB, and “over 20 Democrats in the Senate have campaigned on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.”

According to DeMint, Reid plans to filibuster Cut, Cap and Balance:

I know that Harry Reid is going try to get them to filibuster this. But if they filibuster it and won’t even let us proceed to debate and consider amendments, what else can Republicans do, that we passed it in the House, we brought it to the Senate and they filibuster it, and they don’t have a plan on their own.

So somehow, we’ve got to get the message to the American people that Republicans are willing to compromise and work with the president, but we can’t vote on a speech, and that’s all we get from this president…

And if Democrats want to — if they want to filibuster this, there’s nothing to follow it. I mean, that’s really important to understand. We can’t develop legislation in two weeks. The only piece of legislation that exists right now that can — that can raise the debt limit before August the 2nd “cut, cap and balance.” And if the Democrats blow it away without any explanation — I just want to hear the president say what’s wrong with it. The piece he put out from the White House was so inaccurate, it makes you want to scream.

DeMint is totally opposed to The Gang of Six plan. Greta asks if he has “the muscle to stop them:”

DEMINT: There won’t be a “Gang of Six.” Now, the president may take some elements of it and put it in some plan, but he’s not going to submit a plan. We’ve learned that he doesn’t ever show his cards. He’s going to want Republicans to negotiate with ourselves. And that’s what we have been doing. Mitch McConnell came up with a plan. The “Gang of Six”…

Where is the Gang of Six going? He quotes Senator John Thune (R-SD) saying it’s going nowhere.

[This portion out of sequence with the transcript linked below] You know, the president’s latched onto this “Gang of Six,” but the “Gang of Six” proposal is not written down. As Senator Thune said, it’s not even going to be a factor.

There’s no other plan on Capitol Hill. The president doesn’t have one. The Democrats in the Senate don’t have one. And the only house that we control as Republicans have passed a plan that increases the debt limit with some very reasonable cuts in spending, and it lets the states decide about a balanced budget.

What a sad time for America after the euphoria of last November’s election. We missed some real opportunities when we passed yet another Continuing Resolution in March 2011 271-158, which included 85 Democrats voting No. That was the time to hang tough. You can read the entire transcript at Fox News.

Jim DeMint: Could have 60 Votes in Senate for Cut, Cap Balance (video)

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