Jerome Ersland Sentenced: Oklahoma Changes Law – Too Late for Ersland

Oklahoma pharmacist Dr. Jerome Ersland was sentenced this week to life in prison for protecting his own life, the lives of employees and the welfare of his business. Two accomplices, both of whom had served prison sentences in the past received the same sentence. In the eyes of the court, these three men were equals. Appalling. It appears that Oklahoma’s Stand Your Law has now been modified and will go in to effect on November 1, 2011. The new Law may have protected Ersland. See two videos below.

Jerome Ersland Sentenced to Life in Prison

But one thing we do know is that there was nothing to compare Ersland with the two robbers or the two adults, both prior felons, who were the masterminds of the threat on Erland’s life and business.

Ersland had never threatened society. He worked, he paid his taxes, he employed others, and he is a disabled veteran who rose to the rank of Air Force Lt. Col. before a spinal injury forced his retirement. He worked as an advisor for the Boy Scouts and was a Vice President of his church.

Military, Boy Scouts and Christianity – three things Liberals hate most.

Had there been no robbery, there would have been no death. It is really that simple. No one is to blame for what happened except for the four who conspired to rob, and invade Ersland’s business at gun point.

Frankly, if you rob, you should be prepared to die. Who can truthfully assert that Ersland did not still feel threatened with the robber on the floor? Why should a robber expect to live after robbing with a weapon, or falsely stating he/she has a weapon? The threat is clear either way.

American lives will remain in jeopardy as long as we are prohibited from fully protecting ourselves. Just think of how much crime would wane if criminals knew the law supported our right to self-protection.

What a tragedy for this man who 1) was forced to protect the lives of others as well as his own, 2) who was forced to live behind bars for years, and incurred enormous personal expense when on bail, and 3) is forced to live the rest of his life in prison.

Many Oklahoma’s are shocked at the conviction and the sentence. Oklahoma has a Stand Your Ground Law, which I believe is equivalent to, or similar to, the Castle Doctrine. It basically say we have the right to expect “absolute” safety within our own homes, including a tent and automobile, but excludes our place of business.  A new, amended law takes affect on November 1, 2011 giving the “absolute” right to protect yourself in “places of business.”

Dr. Ersland’s attorneys are rightly appealing, and perhaps the new law will bear some weight, at least in some merciful way.

Some background: Two armed teenagers broke into the pharmacy. Ersland shot one, as one ran out of the door. Ersland changed guns and shot the downed robber four or five more times in the abdomen. Everything would have been okay had the robber died with the first shot. Perhaps he did, or would have. I don’t know if that came out in the trial. Read the details on the robbery here. See a video of the sentencing here. The video below is the pharmacy video at the time of the robbery.

Dr. Jerome Ersland’s Pharmacy Robbed (video)


  • Ran

    Is there a possibility of the Governor pardoning this man? State congressional pardon? Anything?



    • I understand Governor Fallin can pardon. I doubt she will, although I bet she thinks it should happen.

  • Ummm. He really shouldn’t have plugged the kid on the floor. But a life sentence seems excessive.

  • I don’t understand how this can be called first degree murder. The guy had to be scared out of his mind. And I also love how the NAACP is busy looking to defend the rights of vicious armed robbers.

  • Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet arcilte. Lol thanks

  • ForJesus

    “Military, Boy Scouts and Christianity – three things Liberals hate most”…this is a blatant lie. As a supporter of all three, you need to stop making blanket statements not grounded in fact.

  • As a lifelong liberal, I’m not a fan of our or any other military (Mai Lai Massacre, Phoenix Project, Holocost, Rape of Nanking, MacAurther’s pardon of the Japanese who ran Unit 731 in exchange for info on the results of their torture experiments, etc). Nor I am a fan of Christianity (people believing in a ridiculous fairy tale to solve the world’s problems instead of acting like they should here and now). I really don’t see any issue with the Boy Scouts so long as the scout leaders keep their hands to themselves. But what does any of that have to do with what happened to Ersland? I think that kid got exactly what he deserved and if Ersland had any fault in this, it’s for not getting the second robber. Frankly, I don’t care if the kid was armed or not. If you rob someone and get shot, you get what you deserve. Why should the legal system in this country protect those who choose to ignore it when they try to take something that doesn’t belong to them?