James O’Keefe Medicaid Scandal in ‘Carolinas’: Medicaid and Irish Terrorists

James O’Keefe at Project Veritas just released their second expos´e of Medicaid offices in North and South Carolina. Wearing a kilt and knee socks, Sean Murphy has an $800,000 Camero. Murphy says he is an IRA terrorist and he wants Medicaid coverage for 25 of his non-citizen terrorists. Medicaid was willing to help. See the video below.

Delia Reel, one of the Medicaid employees, gives him approximately 25 applications, says she doesn’t want to know anything,  his business is his business, she doesn’t want to go to jail. Read about the story at Project Veritas.

What happened to all the talk about reforming Medicaid and Medicare fraud, as a virtuous and ethical way of reducing spending?

See the Ohio Medicaid scandal and the wealthy Russian drug smuggles with 12-year-old girl prostitutes – applying for Medicaid.

James O’Keefe: Medicaid in the Carolinas: The Irish Terrorist (video)


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  • Wow! I strongly believe the Obama adminsitration encourages this…

    Got more here: http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2011/07/uncovering-fraud-in-medicaid-systema.html


  • Obama is out to destroy America. Wall Street is funding Obama & ACORN When will America realize the evil Obama is bringing on our country and Impeach him. Obama is not an American citizen but a Muslim and he no more graduated from Harvard than Mickey Mouse did. Obama is a fraud – let’s see the BC =

  • James Hardey

    I have seen the video and while I am sure medicaid fraud exists, are you sure this is for real? I mean the guy in the video is obviously wearing a costume and makeing a bizzare request. There is no way I would belive this guy is Irish or a terrorist. I never worked for the Government but I have worked customer service and when a crazy person made an unreasonable request if they were not violent the general rule was to humor them and get them out the door without a confrontation. I saw him get a bunch of forms and unless he actually got benifits the medicaid workers were either in on makeing the video or patroniseing him. It makes conservatives look bad when we are taken in by things like this and liberals exploit it.