James O’Keefe Blockbuster…Again: Russian Drug Smugglers Medicaid – Girl Prostitutes – Abortions Video

James O’Keefe of the Pimp and Prostitute ACORN scandals, have another expose. Wealthy Russian drug smugglers with an $800,000 SLR McLaren F1, can get Medicaid in Ohio and provide abortions for 12-year-old girls/sister prostitutes. The drug dealers classify their Medicaid application as ‘babysitting.” The men say sell “Bob Marley pharmaceuticals.” ‘Jeanette’ suggests the men do not mention the McLaren in their Medicaid application. This will give new Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich one more thing to clean-up.

James O'Keefe


There’s Jeanette, Linda, Latisha – ladies who think by helping these posers they are being tolerant and accepting. Or perhaps they just think assaulting the American tax payers wallet is cool, and promoting underage girls for prostitution and sexual favors is cool. If they have children, they should lose them. Forget the fat kids. Get kids out of the homes of women like this. No one calls police. No one calls Child Protective Services.

Project Veritas :

The first investigation released focuses on four Medicaid offices in Ohio.  The undercover reporters intimate that they are drug dealers, drive expensive cars, and possess incredible wealth.  At no time did the case workers ask the reporters to leave.  Even though the reporters admit to making their living through drug dealing or facilitating child prostitution, the case workers never called the police, Child Protective Services or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  In fact, the case workers appear eager to assist the reporters in filling out the necessary Medicaid paperwork.

See O’Keefe’s latest Medicare scandal in North and South Carolina – an Irish terrorist and 25 of his best terrorist buddies.

Video courtesy of James O’Keefe, ProjectVeritas.com

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Ohio Medicaid Russian Drug Smuggling Investigation (video)