Iran: Lethal Weapons Smuggled to Iraq Afghanistan

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has reportedly smuggled lethal “new” weapons into Iraq and Afghanistan. While U.S. military works to stabilizegovernments in the two countries, our commanders say these new, lethal weapons have already killed American military.

In June, 15 U.S. servicemen died in Iraq, the highest monthly casualty figure there in more than two years. The U.S. has attributed all the attacks to Shiite militias it says are are trained by the Revolutionary Guards, rather than al Qaeda or other Sunni groups that were the most lethal forces inside Iraq a few years ago.

In Afghanistan, the Pentagon has in recent months traced to Iran the Taliban’s acquisition of rockets that give its fighters roughly double the range to attack North Atlantic Treaty Organization and U.S. targets. U.S. officials said the rockets’ markings, and the location of their discovery, give them a “high degree” of confidence that they came from the Revolutionary Guard’s overseas unit, the Qods Force.

With our announced departure date looming, the question lingers: can we stabilize the Iraqi government before we leave, and if we cannot, why are we still there; or a better question, why are we not pitching an equal number of lethal weapons right back at them? Prof. Donald Douglas has some thoughts, and he doesn’t see much improving in the “short term.”