Harry Reid’s Debt Limit: Deeming is Back – $2.7 Trillion Spending

Hot Air has an analyzation of Senator Harry Reid’s debt limit bill, and if it is accurate, the word needs to go viral. We have heard only that Reid uses decreases in Military spending that will occur naturally as we draw, and should not be a part of spending cuts. That is astonishingly dishonest on it’s own merit, but there is more. To entice you read the piece by Tina Korbe: No budgets out of the Senate for two more years – the budgets will be “deemed” – budget for another two years and…


Reid’s bill boasts the largest debt increase in U.S. history — $2.7 trillion. Up to now, the most sizable increase has been $1.9 trillion (also an Obama increase). Debt ceiling increases might be routine — but hikes of this magnitude are not.

Karen at The Lonely Conservative says RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senator Scott Brown (Mass) will vote for Harry Reid’s plan, and shockingly, perhaps Senator John Thune, who thinks he might be able to improve the plan:

[Karen] …as if a crap sandwich can be made edible.

TPM says about 11 GOP votes in the Senate are “gettable:”

Olympia Snowe (ME), Susan Collins (ME), Bob Corker (TN), Mark Kirk (IL), Scott Brown (Mass), Lamar Alexander (TN), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX), Saxby Chambliss (GA), Mike Crapo (ID) and Tom Coburn (OK).

I believe Reid’s bill will want to take the debt limit increase out to some time in 2013, which means the debt limit increase will have to be at least twice what the Republican plan is, which goes out to Spring of 2012, I think, explaining the $2.7 Trillion (although I don’t know that is accurate).

Coburn is my Senator and I will try to contact him to ask about “deeming” the budget.

Please jump on over to Hot Air and read Tina Korbe’s article, and pass it around.

  • Of course Murkowski is in there! And Scott Brown. What you have there is a list of RINOs. And, I’m disappointed to have Hutchison as my Senator if she votes for this! I will contact her now. Thanks.

  • The need to stay far away from deeming. Americans tolerate many abuses, but I think if the legislature decided it is no longer necessary to vote on items, that will be taking things over the line. My intuition tells me that puts us in dangerous territory as a nation.

  • You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t…

  • All they have left are cheap budgeting tricks. They are trapped rats.

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  • Have you been able to contact Senator Coburn about this? I would be interested in knowing what he had to say.

  • Jeff

    In My opinion if Congress makes cuts to social secuity, medicare, medicaid, education and to VA payments, they need to make tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires, oil compnaies, Congress and everyone working in the White House because it is not fair to the low income families. There is no such thing as a middle class family.

  • Jeff

    We need to bring our troops home from the wars. We need to quit spending money on rebuilding things that was destroyed during war time. Quit sending money over seas when the money could be used here in the U.S.A. Let those other counties fight there own battles and let the U.S. troops protect the U.S.A. I wait to hear other comments.

  • People like Obama, Reid, Pelosi ans, others have an amazing ability to promote deceitful plans like this with total sincerity. Where do they learn how to do that or does it come naturally to them? I couldn’t pull that off on a bet.

  • Does anyone else see the hand of George Soros in all of this? This whole episode is a replay of the Japanese crises of the 1990’s and the Great Britain pound destruction. We are following the exact policy Japan did with disastrous results.

    During both incidents George (Spooky Dude) Soros came out of it richer and laughing at the coup he did.

  • Demise

    The president has OFFERED NO PLAN.

    The democrats have offered NO PLAN.

    Harry Reid finally put forth a plan…….once again……..at midnight…….on a weekend……..where everyone is off partying and getting drunk and not paying attention.

    Once again Alinsky Playbook….

    Alinksy writes:

    “The third rule of the ethics of means and ends is that in war the ends justifies almost any means.”

    And so the means justifies the ends………they will do ANYTHING to get their way. ANYTHING> They no longer care about the will of the American people. They are no longer servants of their constituents but IDEALOGUES in a position of authority.

    “There can be no such thing as a successful traitor, for if one succeeds, he becomes a founding father.”

    and so it goes…..this is what we are facing…..Radical progressives who believe if they succeed in what they are doing they will become heros of the motherland……

    The die is cast………..

  • I always wanted to go to a third world country, but thanks to Obama I don’t even need to move. 🙂

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