GunWalker: Straw Dealers Prohibited by US Law: Fast and Furious Guns Used in Arizona Crimes, 150 Shootings

John M. Snyder is known as the the Dean of Washington Gun-Rights Advocates, or the
“Gun Dean.” He says Barack Obama is to blame for Operation Fast and Furious and Project GunRunner. He believes the illegally sanctioned programs were intended not to identify Mexican cartels, but to be used a sword to cut down and weaken U.S. gun laws. He is not alone in his thinking. Today we learn that more guns have turned up in crime scenes in Arizona – and are implicated in at least 150 shootings in Mexico and the U.S. Obama now says the program is “flawed,” but he doesn’t say it’s illegal. It’s just one more example of the lawlessness of his administration.

Operation Fast and Furious

Human Events:

ATF is supposed to enforce federal firearms law, he said.

“This includes the law that prohibits straw purchases. It is against the law for an individual who has the legal right to purchase a gun to purchase the gun in order to turn it over to someone who is prohibited by law from purchasing the gun,” he said.

“A dealer cannot legally sell a gun to someone he or she knows is making a straw purchase. The vast majority of federally licensed firearm dealers comply scrupulously with the law. They even contact ATF if they suspect such a purchase,” he said.

“The hearings show that ATF has been allowing and perhaps encouraging straw purchases of thousands of guns,” he said….

The Gun Dean said the hearings bring to light is that many of these guns have been used in crimes in Mexico and the United States, including murder, even the murder of U.S. law enforcement agents. “What you’ve got, then, is a Justice Department through its ATF aiding and abetting outrageous felonies.”

Scott Rhymer:

The claimed point of the operation was to track the weapons’ through the cartels and arrest the perpetrators. Nothing like that happened, of course, and the only real reason for allowing the movement of the guns would be to bolster the 90% lie that most of the guns used in Mexican violence originated in the United States…in other words, the US became one of the largest gunrunners in the Western hemisphere so that they could “prove” the statement and strengthen their reasons for trying to tighten Second Amendment rights of the American people…

(Note: None of these weapons were purchased at gun shows — they were from legitimate guns stores that were told to comply with the sales when they protested.) I would suggest that was the intent, eventually, of this operation — to provide “proof” for the 90% lie, and to push for more gun control legislation.

Another opinion from Alan Gottlieb, and a warning that our Second Amendment Rights are in jeopardy:

Alan M. Gottlieb is calling on Congress to cut funding to the ATF, and ask them to support Senator Grassley’s (R-IA) investigation into “Project Gunrunner.”

Gottlieb reports; “We are up against a powerful anti-gun lobby, and a stonewalling administration that is determined to take away our firearms by whatever means possible. We desperately need your support to make sure the next two years don’t end in tragedy for the Second Amendment, and for more of our brave agents on the border!”

Just a reminder, Obama is trying to get Andrew Travers confirmed as the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (and Explosives) (BATF or BATFE). Travers is a BATF agency head in Chicago. He is anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment Rights. The U.S. Senate has refused to confirm him. The NRA has information about Travers. Read it here.


However, weapons involved in the sting have turned up at crime scenes — they have been involved in at least 150 shootings, including the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The ATF now admits it lost track of two-thirds of the guns, and even President Barack Obama has described the program as flawed.

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) and his cohort Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) are introducing useless legislation next week to cover some Government ass:

One proposal would mandate harsher penalties for “straw purchasing,” which involves individuals lying on ATF paperwork that they are buying guns for themselves when, in fact, they are purchasing them for other people.

What can we say about a Government program which forces gun sellers to act illegally, and then tries to convince us that our gun laws are lax? How do we know this is what’s going on? We know because the whistleblowers are talking, and now they’ve been fired. Cartoon courtesy of Mike Keefe,

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