Green Vehicles Get $540000 Taxpayer Dollars Closes Doors

The TRIAC 2.0, a three-wheeled electric car powered by a lithium battery and plugging it into a wall socket overnight, is no more. Green Vehicles have closed their doors after failing to receive a grant for $2.7 Million, or attract investors. The TRIAC sold for about $25,000 (increased from $20,000 due to high demand), will travel at 80 mph, with a 100 mile range and uses a 144v lithium-ion battery pack. See the video below.


The TRIAC and the MOOSE (an all-electric minivan), also made by Green Vehicles were made in Salinas, California. I haven’t found how many TRIACs or MOOSEs rolled off the assembly line, but in another video, the CEO Mike Ryan said he had a waiting list and the first cars went out November 2010. If you own a TRIAC, what just happened to your warranty? Source:

TRIAC 2.0 Three-Wheeled All Electric Vehicle – caput! (video)


  • Can you believe this? Who would want to buy one of those ugly cars?

  • basically a useless car to run to the job..or store and that’s about it.. Oh and when you have to replace the batteries.. get ready to make a huge $$$ outlay.. Stupid.
    By the way, this car would be a disaster here in Montana in the winter.. as well as the fact that it’s 120 miles round trip to Bozeman Montana for groceries, clothing, or a movie.. you’d be sitting on a mountain pass, with a dead battery, but with a great view of the valley below, and 20 miles to go, to get back home. That is if you could even get up to the summit of the pass.. that makes sense. Totally impractical.