Global Village Construction Set: Mancin Jakubowski – Build Your Own Tractor

Today I received a comment on a post I did on The Cult of Zeitgeist in January 2011. I want to share it with you after a short explanation, and then I hope we can have a conversation about Global Village Construction. The excellent video below introduces Marcin Jakubowski. He was born in Poland, lives in the U.S., went into farming, his tractor broke down – he fixed it; it broke down again and he fixed it – and then he was broke. So he has designed an open-sourced Global Village “construction set,” based on the 50 most important machines to modern humanity, and I think it is fair to say, he believes open-sourcing can put food on the tables of the hungry around the world, and no doubt, providing the right atmosphere and mechanisms for growing food, isn’t the only thing the Global Construction Set can do.

Mancin Jakubowski's Tractor.

Marcin built a tractor and put the building plans on the Internet. He has prototyped 8 of the 50 machines. Three design schematics, instructional videos, and budgets are now on a Wiki. The idea is, the world’s poorest villages cannot afford a John Deere, but they can make their own.

Mancin Jakubowski's Global Village Construction Set

Now, here’s the comment left on this post today (the video is embedded below):

Daniel on July 6, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Maggie, this is how the current power structure is going to be overthrown.

I hope you will bother to take the time to watch this 4 minute video explaining this new process that will no doubt rock the foundation of everything we hold dear. The beauty of it is that it is using free market ideals to destroy crony capitalist free market ideals. This will decentralize that power and I can’t wait to see the neocons scratching their head thinking that this is somehow unamerican.

From the commenters viewpoint, since he linked this particular video, I think he is saying crony capitalism is keeping the world hungry. With free technology showing how to build hardware inexpensively, the power behind gargantuan corporations and the patents for their machinery, will now be powerless to force their products on the world. Daniel, if that’s not what you are saying, please drop by again and explain further.

From the little I know about Mr. Jakubowski’s work, I see nothing to criticize. This is brilliant entrepreneurship and philanthropy connected at the hip and at the heart.

Other than to praise the idea, I offer this to Daniel, the commenter:

1) In many parts of the world, huge corporations from the U.S. and other free countries, have sent machinery at no cost (spent millions doing so, maybe billions), to the neediest places among us, then…warlords have stolen them away from the people.

2) If there are farming resources, often there are no men hanging out at home to help with the work. Sometimes the work is impossible for a woman to do, especially with babies at home. Things break down, then they rust.

3) When people can grow their own food, the food is often stolen or destroyed.

4) Water is diverted (stolen) from towns and villages and so, nothing can grow.

The problem with this world is not crony capitalism, although we know it, in its truest sense, to often be evil. But the real evil in most (not all, but most) of the hungriest places on the planet is warlords, who care nothing for humanity, who rape and steal and maime and kill, and leave the people hopeless.

There will be no warlords building the kind of tractors you see in the video below. In fact, they may not even steal them. What would a manly warlord look like riding that tractor? And there would be no need to build Jakobowski’s prototype, because the warlords are wealthy. But then, yes, they would be stolen, because that’s what warlords do.

The first way to feed the hungry is to rid the world of dictators and warlords, most of whom (not all, but most) are Muslims claiming Islam as their guide.

Please, none of my comments above are criticism of Mr. Jakubowski. I applaud his work, and hope nothing less than that his Global Construction Set might change the world for the better. Read an interesting article on Mancin’s inventions at Mechanical Engineering: Steam Punks.

Marcin Jakubowski’s Open Sourced Blue Prints (video)

  • Cool post. Yes, crony capitalism is starving the world, among its many other predations.

    Even worse when you contemplate that it cannot function without government cooperation

  • I think you’re exactly right, Maggie. All the money and food we’ve sent to starving people all over the world–think Haiti–never seem to get to those who are hungry. It’s evil and as you said, nothing will change until those dictators and despots are no longer in positions of power. I found Daniel’s comment puzzling; not sure what he was getting at.

    Good post.

  • I love the make it yourself idea.. How long will it take the for the government to step in and start regulating what you build to plow with.. EPA will force you to.. well cut the emissions.. Unions will be on your door step because your making and laying your own bricks… You just know it will happen.. I loved the video.. just amazing concept.