Fox News Glenn Beck Replacement: A Panel…with Juan Williams, Geraldo, Bob Beckel

Good grief. I was hoping Judge Napolitano or Eric Bolling would take Glenn Beck’s daily spot on Fox News, and while they will be on a panel (good news) so will the inane Juan Williams, the ever-irritatingly-greasy, Geraldo Rivera, and the arrogant Bob Beckel, who talks around the point being made – always making no point. The show’s name is The Five, but nine panelists are listed. Maybe they will rotate. Andrea Tantaros is a panel member (more good news) and Greg Gutfeld, so there will be some laughs. Also Dana Perino (yawn), and Kimberly Guilfoyle. Alan Colmes is missing (more good news). The show airs today at 5 p.m. EDT.


  • Geez. Say goodbye to all your 5pm ratings, Fox News! I don’t know why they have Juan, Beckel & Geraldo on any of their shows, they are all as terrible & annoying as Alan Colmes and just as left-tarded.

  • Jimco

    I agree, Bob Beckel is a joke.Good bye Fox at five.I learned so much from Mr Beck, now it a sit down comedy hour. I like the majority of guests. But these one note liberals who use the constitution as their door mat I have no use for. How about some real honest people to represent the progressive view. Bob, Juan, Alan, have just nothing new to add to the debate. Shawn needs to let them go as well. If Fox thinks they have something to add to the dabate then give them their own show. Then you can see ratings like MSNBC. Come on I dare you. The FIVE has potential. Dont let these progressive white house water boy’s drag it down. Bye bye five o’clock hour.

  • Ran

    Wow. [yawn] So Beckle and that dude with the moustache and the twit from People’s Radio. Ratings machine, that is. Look-out Coulbert! Should I buy a teevee, then?

    • Ran

      Heh! So Greg G. pulls “hooker” jokes. Perfect.

  • FOX’s drift to the left has been noticeable for some time. I rarely watch anymore.

  • Maybe Fox took this step to counter the “Fox is a right wing tool” accusation. Beck was a great prophet crying in the wilderness of lies by the world press. He was hard to watch at times because he was so well informed, and what you saw, was truth. Now we’ll be loaded down with the slop of the left. Think I’ll be subscribing to Beck’s new TV channel online.

    • michigan

      Exactly, David! Fox is giving the left a shot and then you’ll see the show’s ratings fall flat on its face. It’ll be a predictable lefty show, no content, no sanity, no viewer connection and it will fail magnificently. Of course the left will blame its failure on the lack of FNC’s promo marketing.

  • Otis P. Driftwood

    Williams and Geraldo and Beckel – OH MY!!
    Williams and Geraldo and Beckel – OH MY!!