Feinstein, Schumer Fast and Furious: Letter Report Blames US for Sending Weapons to Mexico: No Mention of Fast and Furious or Border Agents Forced to Look the Other Way

A letter signed by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer blames the U.S. for sending “military-styled” weapons into Mexico but doesn’t mention Operation Fast and Furious, or the fact their Democrat-controlled Department of Justice is behind thousands of weapons paid for with taxpayer monies, being sold to straw dealers and purposefully allowed to enter Mexico and end up with drug cartels. Also no mention that U.S. Border Agents were forced to look the other way, under the threat of losing their jobs. Yesterday, news of tighter reporting restrictions by gun dealers broke. In my opinion, in light of this report, it is no longer speculative to say Fast and Furious was not designed to identify drug cartels, but to levy ever-tighter laws against American gun sellers.

Dianne Feinstein

First a statement from Feinstein:

“Congress has been virtually moribund while powerful Mexican drug trafficking organizations continue to gain unfettered access to military-style firearms coming from the United States,” Senator Feinstein said in a statement.

Feinsteinn, Schumer and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse ordered the report that was accompanied by the following letter:




Washington, DC

June 2011

Dear Colleague:

Military-style weapons are arming Mexico’s brutal drug trafficking organizations at an alarming rate. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has consistently found that the overwhelming majority of firearms recovered at crime scenes and traced by Mexican officials originate in the United States.

These guns have contributed to Mexico’s dangerous levels of violence. Since the start of the Administration of President Felipe Calderon in December 2006, according to Mexican government estimates, 34,612 people have died in organized crime-related killings in Mexico. The killings reached their highest level in 2010, increasing by almost 60 percent to 15,273 deaths from 9,616 the previous year.

As the U.S. partners with Mexico to combat drug-related violence, we must enhance our efforts to curb firearms trafficking from the United States to Mexico. This report provides background information on firearms trafficking and makes recommendations to Congress and the Obama Administration on key next steps.

Sincerely (signed Feinstein, Schumer, Whitehouse) Read the report, see the letter here.

The report clearly goes after gun show sellers, and points to Senator Lautenberg’s Gun Show Background Act of 2011 (S.35). It recommends renewing the Assault Weapons Ban and specifically says:

Congress should renew the Assault Weapons Ban which would help to prevent traffickers from obtaining the most deadly weapons no arming Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations.

And yet, the AFT was feeding the weapons by the thousands to straw buyers! No one knew it until a U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry died by one of those weapons. And the way we finally learned of Fast and Furious was from whistleblower Agent John Dodson, who was sickened by the death of Terry.


The Department of Justice announced late Monday that gun dealers in states along the Southwest border will now have to report multiple sales of certain semi-automatic rifles, a controversial regulation that has been sought for months by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The rule applies only to semi-automatic rifles greater than .22 caliber and able to accept a detachable magazine, and only to multiple sales of those guns to the same person within a five –day period. Furthermore, the requirement is limited to four border states — Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas. Federal authorities assert these types of guns are favorites of Mexican drug cartels, and say the cartels are buying them in bulk at U.S. gun stores just over the border. A similar law requiring dealers to report multiple handgun sales nationwide has been in effect for years.

For another twist from the National Rifle Association, Institute for Legislative Action, June 24, 2011:

On a related point, after the hearings last week Sen. Grassley revealed that statistics provided by BATFE in a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) earlier this month, suggesting that 70 percent of firearms seized from the cartels in Mexico came from the United States, may have been incorrect. Sen. Grassley cited a Department of State cable indicating that only 25 percent of firearms that Mexico asked the BATFE to trace were traced to a final sale by a FFL dealer in the United States, and that may include firearms that BATFE allowed to “walk.”…

The question is whether the U.S. can do anything to prevent the cartels from obtaining more guns from the U.S. without imposing gun control measures that are incompatible with the Second Amendment, or that would simply not work.

Today we know those control measures have been levied.

I will never believe Feinstein didn’t know about Fast and Furious, and the report she ordered was to be fuel for chipping away at our right to keep and bear arms. However, if she didn’t know about Fast and Furious before she ordered the report, she certainly knew about it by the time she allowed the release of it and the letter above. Still, she failed to acknowledge that our own government was instrumental in creating violence and death in Mexico, as well as in our own border states.  I’m not sure when the news about Fast and Furious broke, but my first report about Dodson’s charge that he was ordered to sit by and watch large caches of guns to flow into Mexico was written on March 4, 2011.

Si Vis Pacem has just posted A Quick ‘n Dirty Guide to Fast and Furious. Check it out for the latest. The Lonely Conservative has a video showing that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Project GunRunner, but…he says he didn’t know about F&F. In the Si Vis Pacem Quick ‘n Dirty Guide, you’ll see that Fast and Furious was organized under GunRunner. For background on Fast and Furious, see the links below.

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