Fascism’s Dark Night in America – Then and Now?

I have a probing essay for you written by Stacy McCain at The Other McCain: the fascism of the 1950’s and…now? Is the feminism of the new Millennium so pervasive in our colleges and entrenched in our sons and daughters that we as “defenders of tradition” are intimidated by their victories? Do you have a student in a Christian school, a Christian college? What’s the conversation like around your dinner table when the kids are there?

Who is the True Feminist?

Speaking of liberal feminist writers, Stacy says:

Such is the power of their indoctrination — and so pervasive now is the worldview they express — that these women writers feel obligated to declare their continued commitment to the intellectual abstraction of feminism, even while confessing their discovery that there is joy and pleasure to be found by living in contradiction to everything they were ever taught by Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, et al.

I hope you’ll drop by The Other McCain and read The Dark Night of Fascism, and if you do you’ll be fascinated with a little piece of pop culture from Milton Bradley, no matter your age or gender.


Linked by Si Vis Pacem isn’t buying the feminism angle. 

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