Fabio Old Spice Guy: Oh Noes Fabio the New Old Spice Guy

Fabio as the new Old Spice Guy? I’m not buying it. Check out the videos below, with Isaiah Mustafa, who brought Old Spice back into this century, and then Fabio (honestly, I’ve added the best video I found). No comparison. What do you think? Maybe it’s the writing…or directing, or…

Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice Guy


Isaiah Mustafa as The Old Spice Guy (Video)

Fabio, the new Old Spice Guy (video)

Linked by William Teach’s Pirate’s Cove in Sorta Blogless Sunday – thank you!

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  • I saw Fabio in a commercial recently where he’s rolling back and forth on a piano.. Man was that bad, but this one you have here, it’s even worse.

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  • Joe St

    I bought Old Spice before with the Mustafa ads. Now looking at the Fabio ones I would feel nasty wearing it. Ew

  • I am really, REALLY hoping it’s satire….

  • Merle

    The Old Spice commercials with Isaiah were brilliant and funny, you couldn’t take your eyes off them. The Old Spice commercials with Fabio are satire and funny campy, again you have to watch the whole commercial. Now they are talking a duell between the “old” Old Spice guy and the “new” Old Spice guy. Very clever advertising setup, this stuff can go back and forth for years, obviously, the advertisers are up to something. Clever and funny advertising beats “use this or smell like a rotting warthog” anytime.