Courtney Stoddards Mom Interviews: The Stoddard-Hutchinson Marriage Story

I’m sick of budgets and deficits, so a little Courtney Stodden seems appropriate. Stacy McCain at The Other McCain had a phone interview with 16-year-old Courtney’s mother today and is working on a transcript as I write. He has been following the story of the provocative teenager and her husband of a few weeks, Doug Hutchison, who is 51, and her manager. Courtney is working on working her way to country music stardom (or pop?). See the awesome duo in a video below.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson

A few days ago, Stacy filled us in on who Courtney really is. She is a Christian, a Republican, and was a virgin (good video – the whole story) when she married her “soulmate.” Courtney said she was saving “it” (virginity). I guess “saving it” for 16 years is unusual these days? She and hubby are all too aware that the press and blogs have a different view, something like Courtney the “whore” and Doug the “pervert,” (he’s older than her father). They met on the internet. At least they aren’t cousins.

Hutchison has his own filmography with appearances in seven episodes of “Lost” between 2007 and 2009, playing Horace Goodspeed, four episodes of “24” in 2010 playing Davros, two episodes of “Lie to Me” with fab actor Tim Roth, a few episodes of “Law and Order, SVU” and “CSI: Miami,” a couple of” X-Files” as Eugene Victor Tooms, and Percy Wetmore in “The Green Mile.”

Courtney hasn’t graduated high school, but…a reality show is on the way.

Stacy has the scoop straight from the Mom and you’ll be interested to know what Mrs. Stodden thinks about a certain high-profile Conservative. Read the preamble to the coming transcript which should be out any time now, and hang around The Other McCain to hear what Courtney’s Mom had to say (by the way, she “reached out” to Stacy). UPDATE: Read the interview with Krista Stodden here.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson (video)