Corrupt Government Funds 300 Abortions in 2 Years: We know this only because of FOIA

Elective abortion in Washington, D. C. cost U.S. taxpayers $185,000 in the two years just ended in April 2011. That makes each and every illegally paid for abortion happen on Obama’s watch. The Associated Press filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

This AP article says taxpayer abortions in D.C. have been a matter of politics for years: when Democrats were in office, “we the people” paid, when Republicans were in control, or when they shared power with Democrats, taxpayer funded abortions were not available.

Tsk tsk…

That has meant that when Congress has prevented the city from covering abortions, poor women seeking them have had to come up with hundreds of dollars for the procedures themselves. A non-profit group called the DC Abortion Fund will help defray some or all of the cost, as will the city’s chapter of Planned Parenthood, but the women still generally have to come up with a portion of the expense…

“It’s about scrambling now: ‘How do I get the money to pay for my abortion?”’ said Meyers, whose organization briefly provided abortions to women using Medicaid.

The latest round of taxpayer abortions ended when Republicans took over the House in January 2011, but it took until April to make it happen.

What is so difficult to understand about some of us not wanting to pay to terminate a baby’s life, and certainly not your abortion!