Conservative Blog Controversy: Small Bloggers Should Hang it Up?

Veteran blogger John Hawkins at Right Wing News predicts the “slow, painful coming death of the independent, Conservative blogosphere” in an article of the same name a few days ago. His strategy for ‘those of the not-so-big time’ was not complicated: “Get big or go home.”

As you can imagine blogs on the blog ensued. The first and best response I’ve seen is from Jimmie Bise at The Sundries Shack. Since Hawkins didn’t offer advice on how to get ‘big,’ Jimmie took that on. But first, here is some more from Hawkins:

Find a way to dramatically increase the size of your blog, expand into multiple websites that together are big, hook up with someone who’s already big, or accept that there isn’t much of a future in a small, niche market for you. Maybe that sounds a little grim, but unless something changes, independent conservative bloggers who haven’t already made it big don’t have a bright future. See Hawkins’ follow up post here.

One of the problems smaller bloggers, even with decent sized blogs, is the willingness of the big guys to link to a smaller blog, even when they have worthy work to link to. There are a couple of reasons for this:  1) Google is believed to downgrade blogs who link to blogs with a lower Google page rank (some say it’s true, others say not so much) and 2) the snob-factor – being too big to notice smaller blogs.

From The Sundries Shack:

Take a quick scan over Hawkins article and look at the links. Do you see how all of them — every last one — goes to a big right-wing web site? That’s by design. He’s link-whoring. Now, link-whoring is a venerable blogging tradition and often helps bring in a few links here or there, but if you’re going to write about smaller blogs, why not link to a couple of them?

There are sites out there — William Jacobson’s Legal InsurrectionDonald Douglas’ American PowerStacy McCain’s The Other McCain, Joy McCann’s and Dan Collins’ Conservative Commune, and Duane Lester’s All American Blogger — who would have benefitted from a link and a quick mention as examples of at least some level of success. He could have pulled links from within his own stable of guest-writers (who, by the way, get no special mention anywhere on his site that I can find) for the same purpose – William Teach’s Pirate’s Cove and Lance Burri’s Troglopundit come quickly to mind.

If you blog, and if you want to increase readership, you’ll want to read The Sundries Shack article. He offers reminders of the importance of linking. To that, I left a comment that linking maybe is an “art.” Jimmie responded back that, no it isn’t an art, it’s a “habit,” and a habit that takes “regular reinforcement.”

Blog traffic isn’t a zero-sum game — the pie is plenty big enough for all of us to get a huge piece, even if we spend less time hyping our own projects and a little bit more time helping to lift up the people whose piece isn’t all that big right now.

As Jimmie at Sundries Shack suggests, we need to give each other support as often as possible, because it doesn’t happen often from bigger blogs.

Big Fur Hat at I Own the World responds:

The main thing that bothered me is that he offered nothing but obvious bromides – get bigger, get better, get monetized. Really? Thanks.

Despite my sarcastic turn, this is not a bash Hawkins thread, quite the opposite. Hawkins is a great guy and does great work for the conservative cause. I have to assume that his prediction can come true in order to be compelled to do something about it.

iOTW is not a large blog, we’re not a small blog. We’re somewhere in the middle. And being in the middle means that there are plenty of blogs that we can help. iOTW doesn’t want any conservative blogs going belly up (except maybe some annoying ones – hehe) because that isn’t going to help the overall cause of conservatism.

Fur Hat generously invited bloggers to leave a link to their blogs in comments, and he is diligently working to link to some of them.

Karen at The Lonely Conservative responded with Have You Thanked a Blogger Lately? 

We stay up late, get little sleep, and most of us have day jobs. Some of us have families, too. (And naughty little dogs.) We aren’t in this for the money. If we were, John Hawkins would be right about the death of conservative blogging. It’s about the biased media, the way they ignore scandals like Operation Fast and Furious when a Democrat controls the White House. It’s about a corrupt government, and corrupt unions, and corrupt green energy companies.

Read more commentary from The Lonely Conservative: The Death of Independent Conservative Blogs? – Updated

On this blog, and other blogs where I read, I often see commenters saying something like “you ARE the media.” You ARE the free press.” You ARE the real media.” I love it when that happens:-)

This week, I received this encouraging comment on this article (snippet):

I wish I could remember how I found your blog so I could give them credit (it was probably ***** or *****) but it was about your Agenda 21 piece. You have been added to my blog reader.

I’ve included the link to my blog but don’t waste too much time visiting. I’m working full-time plus (50-60 hours a week) and I’m in school (five classes this semester) so it hasn’t been updated in a month or so. Maggie, I’m in awe. Love your site. You’ve caused me to abandon homework in favor of reading tonight.

Read The Wordy Bitch (quoted above) here. This is my first visit to her site. From what I see, she’s pithy and pointed and writes about life as it comes. 

Another in an email (snippet):

I have to tell you, I check Drudge, M. Malkin, Maggie, Townhall, and Breitbart.

It seems you always have something I haven’t seen elsewhere.

I like it.

Just in case readers don’t think about it, bloggers cherish comments like these. Most of us are not making a living from our blogs, but readers, their appreciation and their loyalty is our big bonus.

Conservative Blog Central:

John Hawkins says get big or go home, but I say keep it up because you are the reason Pelosi’s gavel was jerked out of her hands. And YOUR LITTLE BLOG will be the reason Obama is beaten in 2012. If money is what is motivating RWN, I doubt I will visit that site again, and i know I won’t be sending it any traffic.

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain has a policy of always linking back when a blog links him. Karen at The Lonely Conservative does the same, and from her, that is now a habit for me. So link to one of us in your articles, and you will be added to our article. Stacy does that as well as doing a weekly summary of linkers. Read McCain’s End of Blogging? No, It Just Proves That Nothing Succeeds Like Success and  and Dear John Hawkins here.

There are conservative bloggers who are extraordinarily generous and faithful about mentioning their friends WHEN they find an article they believe has merit for their readers. A list of some of these bloggers is below, is alphabetical by blog name, and is provided for the content of their work, and appreciation for their commitment to conservative issues. Click any one, and you will find an article worth a read. (The list has nothing to do with the size of the blog – my apologies to any and all that I have left out. It wasn’t intentional.)

AND below this list, are links to other talking about the conservative blog controversy as expressed by John Hawkins.

Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner – Breaking: Styrofoam cups to stay in WH cafeteria, the First Woman displays arm pits, and uses taxpayer money to have photo ops…

Always on Watch – The Government Borrows to Spend (you want to see this chart)

Opus at American Perspective – Did Obamacare kill the Obama recovery?

Donald Douglas at American Power Blog – Obama Losing Support from Progressives and Socialists

An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings – Yes, It’s Just that Simple, Congressional Reform Act of 2011 (Kate has had some knee surgery and hasn’t been blogging as much as usual, but Chris from Racine has plenty to say, and the site is full of good reading.)

Bob at Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead – Obama Calls the Statue of Liberty Play

Black Five – Guns or Butter? Saving Food Stamps at Expense of National Defense

Stanford at Blog@MoreWhat – Rights and Responsibilities in America: Civics Literacy (47)

Blog de King Shamus – Democrats Are Not Doomed, But They Can Be Had

Bunkerville – EPA now giving millions to China, & around the world

Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom – International Baccalaureate Pushes Redistribution of Wealth Theme at IB americas Conference 2011 in Texas.

Conservative Blogs Central – Rasmussen Shock Poll: Barack Obama 41% Ron Paul 37%

Jim at Conservatives on Fire – The Numbers Game on Capital Hill

Conservative Pup – Campus Crusade for Christ Removing Christ

Doug Ross @ Journal – Podhoretz blisters Obama: “Perhaps for the first time in American history, this president is [trying] to create a financial panic”

Faultlineusa – Beware of Democrat Spending Cuts Promises

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – The Next Russian Revolution

Gulag Bound – The United Nations’ Colonization of America fueled by Obama

High Plains Pundit – The Problem with entitlement Programs

Holger Awakens – While Norway Sorts out the Motives of Anders Behring Brevik, Muslims Continue to Kill Across the Globe

Big Fur Hat at I Own The World – Visual Perspective (see what our debt looks like.

Arlen at Investigating Obama – Natural Born Citizen for Dummies’ v. Dummy v. the Unites States of America

Ironic Surrealism – China: Muslims Shouting “allah the only God” Hack Security Guard to Death are Now Dead Islamic Jihadists

JoshuaPundit – Russian Intelligence Agent Linked to US Embassy Bombing

Just a Conservative Girl – 1st Annual Virginia Tea Party Summit on Education – Richmond, VA

Left Coast Rebel – Unexpectedly: The Bitter clingers Let Go

Christopher at Liberty at Stake – Debt Ceiling Tug of War – No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal

Mind-Numbed Robot – “Shall Not Be Infringed”

Findalis at Monkey in the Middle – 31 Foregone Facts Barack Obama Fans Should Ponder!

Trevor Loudon at New Zeal – The Marxist Plan to Destroy Israel’s Economy: MUST VIEW for all Friends of Freedom

Nice Deb – Rep. Joe Walsh Takes it to Chris Matthews

Obi’s Sister – Mark Steyn: “More space for Islam means less space for everything else, and in the end less space for you.

William at Pirate’s Cove – On Debt and Credit Rating, E.J. Dionee Blames…

Larry at Political Realities – Insurance Companies May Be Required to Offer Contraceptives

The ladies at Potluck – A New War I Support (Regulations)

Proof at Proof Positive – Management Goes “Old School:” Turns Heat Lamps on Strikers on 100 degree Day

Jill at Pundit and Pundette – President Planless preaches and postures

Debbie at Right Truth – Sister Wives: The Concubines of the Cult of Kody Brown

Jack at Shaw’s Blog – White House South Central LA Balck Tea Party Group to Rally Against NAACP

Si Vis Pacem – Worse than Gunwalker? State Department Allegedly Sold Guns to Zetas

Mustang at Social Sense – Hidden Costs of War: Top Health Concerns Faced by Veterans

Steven Givler Online – Freedom, Kim Jong-il style

Norm at Storm’n Norm’n – And so it begins…The government will now rent that home that went to foreclosure

Daniel at Sultan Knish – The End of Afghanistan

Teresamerica – The Breast Milk Baby Doll: An Example of Sexualization of Girls or Appropriate

Texas Fred – Gunman’s background puzzles police in Norway

Mike at That Mr. Guy’s Blog – Take That Norway, Says Al-Qaeda

Bob at The Camp of the Saints – When Johnny comes Fisking Home Again

The Conservative Lady – Senator Marco Rubio on Face the Nation

Matt at The Conservative Hideout 2.0 – Making Tax Increase/Spending Cut Deals with the Democrats: A Historical Perspective

Terresa Monroe Hamilton at The Progressive Hunter – Noisy Room – The Secret Knowledge – A Book Review (David Mamet)

Doug at The Daley Gator – Steven Crowder Rips Bill Maher

The Lonely Conservative – What Could Go Wrong? Federal Government as ‘National Landlord’ – Fannie and Freddie Subsidizing McMansions

Stacy at The Other McCain – The Terrible Legislative Catastrophe No One Will Remember in November 2012

The POH Diaries – Pew Poll: Poor Whites Support Republicans and the Democratic Response

James at The Reaganite Republican

The republican Mother – Breaking Down Planned – Opolis

John at THE SENTRY JOURNAL – Where’s the conviction for conservatism?

Jimmie at The Sundries Shack – Me at Human Events: Murdoch Versus WikiLeaks

Theo Spark – Video: col. Allen West answers a question on muslim terror

Trestin at Trestin Meacham – Darwin’s Fairy Tale: Part 2

Watcher of Weasels Council Results – Winners Announced on Friday, perfect for weekend reading

Western Hero – To Form a More Libertarian Union

Chris at WyBlog – Meet Chuck Meyers, the latest double dipping poster boy for NJ pension reform

Zilla at Zilla of the Resistance – Once Upon a time in Afghanistan…(women were treated like human beings…)

Beyond promoting smaller and medium sized blogs – My Gripe: Bloggers, conservative personalities and politicians on Twitter who will not follow-back a fellow conservative. What sense does that make?

Related and Background – other talking about conservative bloggers (I’ll add others as I find them. If you are a blogger and I’ve missed your article, let me know):

American Power – End of Blogging? and an update here.

Dan Riehl – John Boy Hawkins Gots ‘dem Cosmic Conservative Blogosphere

BluesFlaps Blog – the Demise of the Conservative Blogosphere – John Hawkins Edition

Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion – Is there a place for me?

NoOneOfAnyImport – But I’m Already Home, John Hawkins UPDATED

No Runny Eggs – Is Blogging Dying?

The Lid – Weighing In On The Coming Death of The Independent, Conservative Blogosphere.

This Ain’t Hell – Right Wing News to Conservative bloggers: get bigger or die

Zilla of the Resistance: Take Your Death of “Right-Blogs” Proclamation and Shove It!

Thanks to republican Mother for the graphic 

This article linked at Conservative Hideout’s Sunday Links: Classic TV Edition – Thank You!

This article linked by Pirate’s Cove in Sorta Blogless Sunday – thanks William!

This article linked by Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner – and she needs prayers for her 17-yr-0ld missing Kitty, so please, send one winging. Other good links to explore, as well.

  • Chicago Nick

    Did I not complain of this last September when I hung it up? 😉 The ‘big’ conservatives are the enemies of the small bloggers as much as Google has been and my last post still there reiterates it.

    They ran me off the web by de-ranking my blog and they’ve done the same now to millions.

    It’s all linked to Washington and Obama and that’s that. Until this cabal is removed by vote or force they will continue to be a ‘force’ of taking away freedoms and liberty because free thinkers have no use for them and they know it.

    The more people become educated they less they need to stay on the dum dim dem plantation of fools and idiots. And they real delusion is they fancy themselves as the ‘more educated’ citizens of America. Yea, that’s why dem voter rolls contain the far higher percentage of Uncle SambObama written paychecks be they through the unions or welfare or both/

    Finally, I also never thought much of John Hawkins frankly, haven’t read his blog in 3 years. If that’s what’s considered ‘top flight writing’ I’ll do without Maggie. 😉

    • Hey old friend, yes you did and you were treated abominably! I bet you are living a more relaxed life these days.

    • Maybe it’s because my blog is only 11 months old, or maybe because Google hates me, I don’t know, but the last time I checked, I’ve never had any ranking AT ALL with Google! I get linked to a lot by fairly big blogs & even some national news outlets, I installed all kinds of codes from Google analytics, Wikio, Technocrati, and Alexa but still no rank! My blog seems to be doing OK though, how important is it to be ranked by Google?

      I’m sorry for what happened to you, Nick.

      • Zilla, I don’t how important it is to be ranked by Google. They change their algorythims all the time. I was recently downgraded from a very long-time 5 to a 4. My traffic is good, my blog is focused. I made me physically sick when I saw it. Who knows. RR send some info saying that linking to lower quality links might be the cause. If that’s the case, you can imagine what I’m saying back to Google. I never look at the Google ranked “importance” of a blog before linking, and never will. I link because I like the article, and often because it adds something to what I’m already writing about.

  • Thanks for including me in your list. Funny how a “bigger” blogger would try and scare off the “competition”, isn’t it? And truth be told, I had never read a Hawkins piece until this latest controversy.

    • Mike, Right Wing News has been an important news source over the years. I have a few friends that write there, and I try to check it out as often as I can find time, but I’m really more interested in their own personal blogs. My pleasure to link to you.

  • Thanks for the link, as always, Maggie.

  • Thanks for all the linky love! 🙂

    • Thanks right back to you:-)

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  • Thanks for including you in this list, Miss Maggie. I really like the way Karen “link backs” at the Lonely Conservative, too. I need to start doing that more reliably. Oh man it’s easy to let the details slide.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to get a little kind help from the Blogfather, Jacobsen, McCain, you, and so many others, here and there. Frankly I wouldn’t be here without all that support. Thanks to one and all. That’s about all I can say.

    • goodness what a goofy typo. thank you for including ME.

      • Linda, about goofy typos, we all make them. No problem. Yes, it is difficult to remember all the rules that work, but without those writers that really are interested in getting the story out for their readers, not just for the hit or page view, linking is important. Without it going both ways, we would all be zeroes.

        • Linda – I’m forever doing that on comments and always on the same blogs (like Maggie’s.) I never even noticed your mistake.

  • Thanks for the article and the many links. There are many blogs and a lot of reasons for blogging. Until the authorities shut down the small blogs, we can look forward to a lot of good information and interesting opinions from them.
    My blog is about as small as they get, but I’m encouraged by the responses to Mr. Hawkins’ prediction. Also, I will be checking your excellent site more often.

    • Eddie, I’m leaving the link to your blog, Something You Might Like, for my readers:

      Most of my readers come from search engine searches. They ended up here because they are interested in a specific subject. I love that. If a reader isn’t interested in what I’m talking about, why would he/she come here? When I visit my fellow blogging friends I find differing opinions all the time, and they are always interesting and always thought provoking. I don’t know where John was coming from, but I think he will end up helping us all.

      Thanks so much for visiting. Nice to meet you Eddie.

  • Good grief – that has to be one of the biggest linky-love fests I’ve ever seen. I’m in awe and honored to be included.

    I’ve made it a practice to link to what most would consider “smaller” blogs. Actually, they are usually much better.

    Hawkins did a us all a big favor with his stupid and arrogant article. I almost stood up and cheered when I read the post at iOwn the World and couldn’t link it fast enough. As a result I’ve become acquainted with many new fine blogs.

    • As one of the little blogs that you’ve linked to, I want you to know that I am always delighted and honored when you do. Thank you for always being so kind to up and coming new blogger punks like me!

    • Adrienne, you are one of the most benevolent bloggers in the ‘sphere. I always find great links at your place. You have a great talent for ferreting out the unique. Yes, I too think this was a conversation waiting to be had, even if we didn’t know it. Who among is going to complain publicly that the bigger blogs loathe a link to a small blog? Once we couldn’t. Now we can:-)

  • Outstanding article, Maggie. Thanks a trillion for including my little site in your roundup.

    • My pleasure bot. You do a great job!

  • Great piece Maggie! Reason #2,321 why you have always been of my top favs!
    Heck, if I went into blogging for the $ then perhaps I should have my head examined. lol A few hundred conservative bloggers instead of a few thousand raised voices, would lesson the exposure of the threats to our freedoms that we [all] face. I say the more the merrier! Hawkins can take his advice and shove it. Must of been a slow news day. Or as some have theorized there may of been an underlying ulterior motive. Either/or, I aint going anywhere!

    Thanks for linking! I find myself in good company, and am very humbled. And thank you also for all of the support you have given me over the years. For that I will always be grateful. You are one in a million, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. If so tell me and I’ll kick their *bleep* and call them a liar.

    • Velvet, you have no idea how much I appreciate your generous comment. Your blog has always been a place for hard news, presented with integrity – and keeping it real. I thank you for your support as well, and I promise I will NOT send my hostile tweeters to you to kick *bleep.*

      I like a number of the good people who write at Right Wing News, specifically and especially William Teach and Courtney Messerschmidt. It’s a shame this happened.

  • First of all; thank you for the link!

    I think if you are in conservative blogging for the purpose of making money or becoming famous, then yes, for the overwhelming majority it is a dead end. If you are doing it because you care about the issues and want to wake a few people up, then there is a good chance you will succeed.

    • Trestin, my pleasure to link. When I started blogging, I hadn’t a clue there was a way to make money – even if just a little. Blogging is the only way we can vent, and isn’t it wonderful that we can? Once upon a time a newspaper editor would print your sincerely meant Letter to the Editor. Then all that changed in The Time of Clinton. We desperately needed blogging.

  • Well done, Maggie. Honestly, I didn’t have a clue who John Hawkins was until today. Maybe he isn’t as big as he thinks he is? Sorry, my sarcastic side just raised it’s ugly head.

    Thanks for the link to Political Realities. I really appreciate it.

    • A lot of people who read my response to JH’s blog snobbery also asked, “Who is John Hawkins and why should we care what he has to say?” Really!
      ha ha ha

      • Honestly I never heard of Hawkins until sometime last year. As he was embroiled in some spat/controversy with someone… Can’t recall the deets, but if it wasn’t for it being tweeted about on Twitter I still may not of known who he was until today. Take that Johnny boy! :=P

    • Thank you LD, and congratulations to you and Matt at Conservative Hideout for your listing in ToBeRight’s Top 10 Conservative Blogs and Websites. Well deserved.

  • Thank you, Maggie, for the wonderful post & incredible links and for so graciously including me among them! Also, thank you for installing the feature that allows us other bloggers to have links to our posts attached to comments, I’ve found so many great posts just lurking through your comments threads! I wish I could get it to work at the Zilla blog but Intense Debate didn’t function there & DISQUS doesn’t offer it yet. I have the Comment Luv feature at my Stone Soup non-political blog, but hardly anyone reads that one and few ever comment. There are a lot of good writers there, but most are too busy with their own stuff, as am I, so it isn’t very active. One day I’ll put more effort into it. Maybe when Obama is out of office and there are less awful things to complain about. ha ha ha

    • Zilla, so glad the Comment Luv-thingey is working well for readers. I love it. Larry at Political Realities first told me about it. I have thought about other blogs but can’t keep up with the one I have or the others I said I would contribute to. Life just keeps happening (thankfully!).

      The “awfulness” will continue less we can take the Senate in good measure and increase our conservative presence in the house. I’m beginning to think doing both is more important than the Oval Office. If we had both chambers, Obama wouldn’t have a chance of getting away with his agenda. My pleasure to link you Zilla.

  • Great post, Maggie & thanks for the link. I got into blogging for one reason & one reason only–to add my voice to those striving to defeat the ‘progressives’ that are turning the country into socialist soup. My opinion when I read Hawkins’ article the other day was that it was the ramblings of an egotist. And I think he’s dead wrong.

    • Bob, I keep saying this, but it is beyond shocking to see what the Democrat party has become and how far they have strayed from republicanism. The generation of Democrats before me still doesn’t understand the depth of what has happened. I think it was a retaliation to Clinton’s impeachment, and the staffers he took to the WH with him, who reacted in a way we may not have seen in government before – at least not in my time. The new normal is ugly.

  • Barry

    Mr. Hawkins fails to recognize what is behind the rise of conservative blogging. The first reason was already mentioned in the article, that this is not about getting big its about promoting conservatism. Secondly nature abhors a vacuum. The market will be defined by the reader who, as conservatives, are always looking for truth which drives them into the market. Will there be expansion and contraction? of course, but blogging is not about big production media, its about information. As such the blogger is not competing with the big boys in the same way they would compete with major news networks. Besides, if the nuts on the left succeed in felling Fox, the on line information vacuum will demand filling.

    • Barry, first do you have a blog? If so, drop a link here (if you want too:-) Second, felling Fox is on the horizon one way or the other: 1) they get Mudoch this time around or 2) they don’t bring the demise of Murdoch or his son, James, and James takes over one day, probably soon – as he is the heir apparent. Either way, Fox as we know it now is gone.

      Maybe there will be a buyer, or hopefully the next great conservative news network is percolating in someone’s mind and bank account as I type. If not, blogs are all we will have, but it will be far more difficult to ferret out, in a timely manner, who and what we need to be talking about.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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  • Here’s my stupid take on the situation. To begin with, yes, my humble blog is small. Okay, it’s tiny, miniscule, microscopic, unworthy, useless and a waste of time as an income generator. But that is not why I do it. And my humble opinion is that is just fine. And it is just fine that so many others do it. That’s the whole point. Doing it.

    I relentlessly study logs, metrics and who’s visiting my blog/site. My blog is political, more accurately, a public affairs blog with an occasional culture or offbeat post. It is absolutely amazing how many visits I get from POLS in DC and elsewhere as well as from big corporations, lobbyists and the like.

    Millions of tiny little blogs and websites do not get visits from those folks because they don’t matter.

    It is the best thing ordinary citizens can do to influence what goes on. You just don’t get credit for it.

    Keep on bloggin’, screw the elitists who say it doesn’t matter. When I publish a post featuring a roll call vote, a resolution or other legislative piece with an opinion I get read. Tell me that doesn’t matter. Tell me it’s not worth it.

    Hey Maggie, wuz up, does your login work okay? Sorry for the no reply I was working out of town.

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  • Thanks so much for the mention. If I can change one mind, then it is worth the effort. That is how it is done. One vote at a time.

  • david7134

    Hawkins has an agenda. He is trying to corner right wing opinion. Try saying something on his blog for which he disagrees, like a defense of abortion (many conservatives have no problem with the concept). He will most definitely make sure that you can no longer post, even though you are supportive of many of his other positions. In fact, I have become to view his approach to big government with as much distaste as the left. Both want to control your life, only in different ways.

    • david7134, interesting that Hawkins doesn’t allow descent, especially about important issues like abortion. Sounds like he may be going the way of Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (if not in ideology, then in methodology).

  • Ran

    Honored for the link!

    Cheers Maggie.

    • Ran, Honored to link you!

  • Thanks for the link, Maggie. I know I would do better if I got into a linking habit. I feel like a monk sometimes surrounded by stacks of 100 year old digital newspapers to go through. I don’t blog to get big, I do it for me – if I wrote down all these notes on paper they would get lost, you know. If someone reads what I write that makes my day.

    • republican mother, I started blogging the same way. Never, ever assumed anyone would read what I had to say. I had never left a comment anywhere – actually didn’t even read blogs. It snowed a lot…I was inside for days and it seemed intriguing to learn something new. So here we are today!

  • I just saw this Maggie. So sorry I’m late. Thank you so much for the link. We very much appreciate it.

    • No apologies necessary John. I just saw this comment – 4 days late! And you are most welcome.

  • I found you through a friend’s blog, , AKA, Reluctant Rebel, and I am appalled at Hawkins’ ruse of “get big or go home”. That goes against EVERYTHING we bloggers espouse.

    I’m adding you to our blogroll, and to my other blog, , as well 🙂

  • Thanks Maggie, for including me in your great post. I read the Hawkins piece, saw the link on FB somewhere, but I had not been aware of him before that either. As most others have said here, I don’t do it for money either. Never expected to, never tried to.

    I’m so thankful for yours, and several other reliable and dependable blogs, where more and more often I turn to for news; I agree with you about FOX; it’s sad, and concerning, but it isn’t what it once was, and will continue to change for the worse.

    Thanks again. Here’s to the ‘warriors of words’ who are working so hard to save this great country!

  • As Aggie stated above, she found your website thru one of my links. Damn if I know which one though. I’m pretty new at this blogging thing, only started 2 weeks ago. I was appalled at that dude’s post about go big or go home. So one of the things I started doing on my blog Reluctant Rebel is to every couple of days do an Around the Web link post. I try to limit it to small blogs and hope they get some traffic. There are some damn fine blogs out there that don’t get much traffic.

    Also, I’m adding your blog to my blogroll and would be humbled if you would add mine to yours. Thanks.

    • Aewl, if I can find the link, I’ll add it here, but thank you for finding me, and for sending LC Aggie my way as well. I’ve just been visiting at your place and among the many intriguing posts, just loved the one of your beautiful daughter painting that precious little boy.

  • LC Aggie and Aewl, got you both on my blogroll, and thanks so much for adding me to yours.

  • Many thanks for taking the time to write this post. It is been quite helpful. It could not have arrive at a much better time for me!