Charles Krauthammer: Call Obama’s Bluff: He’s Making Cuts? Name One!

I love it when Krauthammer says something I agree with, which happens often. I’ll admit to temper tantrums when he doesn’t. 🙂 In the Washington Post today he lays out the many, many times Obama has made a fool of himself when talking about the budget through lies and contradictions:

Charles Krauthammer

President Obama is demanding a big long-term budget deal. He won’t sign anything less, he warns, asking, “If not now, when?”

How about last December, when he ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations? How about February, when he presented a budget that increases debt by $10 trillion over the next decade? How about April, when he sought a debt-ceiling increase with zero debt reduction attached?

All of a sudden he’s a born-again budget balancer prepared to bravely take on his own party by making deep cuts in entitlements. Really? Name one. He’s been saying forever that he’s prepared to discuss, engage, converse about entitlement cuts. But never once has he publicly proposed a single structural change to any entitlement.

Hasn’t the White House leaked that he’sprepared to raise the Medicare age orchange the cost-of-living calculation?

Anonymous talk is cheap. Leaks are designed to manipulate. Offers are floated and disappear. Read more at The Washington Post.