Call Mitch McConnell: Call to Action – Pass it Around – Stop Gang of 6 $1TRILLION Tax Hikes

I would have done this myself, but got an email from friend and blogger Jim Simpson this morning. He has said it well. Bloggers, please take and post, or do your own. We must stop the Gang of 6 and their weasel-ly plan that isn’t a plan. It has no specifics, other than $1 Trillion in tax hikes. The plan will not be developed until after it is passed. Spending cuts NEVER develop later. Let’s get moving. Make the phones in all of McConnell’s office light up.

Mitch McConnell

Here is where you can have a huge impact. Two minutes of your time today, MAX!

Call Senator Mitch McConnell’s office and tell him you are adamantly opposed to the “Gang of Six” deficit “reduction” plan.

It contains huge hidden taxes and as usual with things like this, is horribly deceptive about what it will actually achieve, while boosting Obama’s image in the public eye and offering an opportunity to place blame for everything bad about it on Republicans.

It is a classic case of RINO Republicans having their clock’s cleaned by sleazy, lying Democrats. Only they will clean all our clocks. CALL MCCONNELL NOW and demand he stop it DEAD.

Call his district offices, the DC office is jammed:

His Washington Office number is 202-224-2541.  His district office numbers are:

Louisville, KY: 502-582-6304

Lexington, KY: 859-224-8286

Fort Wright, KY: 859-578-0188

London, KY: 606-864-2026

Paducah, KY: 270-442-4554

Bowling Green, KY: 270-781-1673

If McConnell gets the word all of his phones are ringing off the wall, he will get the message.

We must act now and cut this off before the GOP surrenders again.

James Simpson

American Thinker

Big Government


Call your own Senator’s offices as well. Find their phone numbers here.