Boehner: I Take Same Oath as President: Obama Demanded New $400B Tax Increases

A solemn Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH) made this statement last night after debt ceiling talks broke down. While Obama said he was left at the “alter” again, Boehner said Obama changed the goal post, demanding another $400 Billion in tax increases. Boehner believes the leadership in Congress can solve the issue, if the President won’t. I don’t know how that will happen. Do you? See the video and some snippets Boehner’s comments.

John Boehner


They insisted on raising taxes. We had an agreement on a revenue number, a number we thought we could reach based on a flatter tax code with lower rates and a broader base, that would produce more economic growth, more employees and more taxpayers, and a tax system that was more efficient in collecting taxes…

The White House moved the goal post. There was an agreement on some additional revenue until yesterday when the President demanded $400 Billion more which was going to be nothing more than tax increases on the American people.

I can tell you, Leader Cantor and I are very disappointed in this call for higher revenue. Secondly, they have refused to get serious about cutting spending and making the tough choices that are facing our country on entitlement reform. That’s the bottom line.

I take the same oath of office as the President of the United States. I have the same responsibilities as the President of the United States and I think that’s, for both of us, to do what’s in the best interest of our country…I can tell you that it is not in the best interest of our country to raise taxes during this difficult economy and it’s not in the best interest of our country to ignore the serious spending challenges that we face.

This is a serious debate. It’s a debate about jobs, economy and the future of our country. Until recently, the President was demanding that we raise the debt limit with no strings attached. Matter of fact, the Treasury Secretary sent me a letter two days after we were sworn in in January, demanding that we give him a clean increase in the debt limit. I immediately responded and told the Treasury Secretary that the American people would not tolerate a clean increase in the debt ceiling unless there were serious spending cuts attached and real reforms in the way we spend the American people’s money.

I went to New York City in May and gave a speech to the New York City Economic Club where I outlined the challenges we were facing and I made it clear that we would not increase the debt limit without cuts that exceeded that increase in the debt limit, that there would be no new taxes and that there would be serious spending reforms in place…I’m confident that the bipartisan leadership in the Congress can act. If the White House won’t get serious, we will.

Take a look at this video. It will make you feel better.

John Boehner: Obama Moved the Goal Post (video)


  • The Republicans at least have a plan on the table. I applaud them for that. IMHO, the Cut and Cap part of the plan is great. But tying it to a Balanced Budget Amendment serves no purpose and is counter productive. It s nothing more than for show. If we need an amendment to our constitution, why not wait until after the 2012 elections when we hope to control all three branches of government? As it is, the BBA is a deal breaker. Surely our boys and girls are smarter than that.

    • Good morning Jim, I understand that not all Balanced Budget Amendments are equal, but I don’t understand why it should be accepted as not realistic. What excuse can there be for not balancing our budget, with the incentive that we must? And why not get it started now, giving credit to what Republicans did now? Why would “we the people” allow Congress to spend outside income, except that we’ve been doing it forever?

      (These are real questions to you, not snarkiness. I know you know a lot about BBA)

  • Ran

    This… more than anything else made small-talk here in Ohio this morning. “Hey, Boehner borrowed a pair!”

    Good on Boehner. (I think he knew he’d be “primaried” if he caved.)