All Big Sis Terrorists are White Americans Video: Janet Napolitano Warped View

Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, and Homeland Security have produced a comprehensive video showing how terrorists in the U.S. might put our country at risk for terrorist attacks. Our government’s message is that almost all of the bad guys are White, and almost all of the victims are other than White.See the video below.


Info Wars has a link to a Department of Homeland Security documents that “documents” this (see this more).

A secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center lists Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who display bumper stickers, people who own gold, or even people who fly a U.S. flag and equates them with radical race hate groups and terrorists. This is merely the latest example in an alarming trend which confirms that law enforcement across the country is being trained that American citizens are a dangerous enemy.

The text in the graphic above includes Libertarian material as hostile:

Janet Napolitano

Political Paraphernalia: Militia members most commonly associate with 3rd party political groups. It is no uncommon for militia members to display Constitutional Party, Campaign for Liberty, or Libertarian material. These members are usually supporters of former Presidential Candidate: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr.

Anti-Government Propaganda: Militia members commonly display picture, cartoons, bumper stickers that contain anti-government rhetoric. Most of this material will depict the FRS, IRS, FBI, ATF, CIA, UN, Law Enforcement, and “The New World Order” in a derogatory manor [sic]. Additionally, Racial, anti-immigration, and anti-abortion, material may be displayed by militia members.

This is the viewpoint of DHS. You and I (Conservative Americans) are the terrorists. My tax money and yours paid for DHS propaganda. Read commentary on this video at InfoWars.

Big Sis Sees Terrorists as White (video)

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Linked by Reaganite Republican with more about your lack of freedom. You need to see this. 

  • What a joke- meanwhile back in reality, I read somewhere yesterday where ALL of the 40+ terrorists arrested in the US for 2011 were MUSLIMS

    And the “watch your neighbor” thing is extremely dangerous, same as the Nazis and Stalin did. The motivation becomes to turn in anybody to save your own hide, as the society devours itself like East Germany… BAD precedent, but this regime is shameless, Godless, and relentless- nothing surprises anymore

    • RR, who needs to be reminded in such a high profile way that if you see something suspicious that could be tied to terrorism, call police. We all know that. As you say it is dangerous, but they are quietly putting together their army.

  • Remember that is was ex-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff who profited and his profiting from the sale of the naked body scanners purchased one week after the now-proven phony underwear bomber. Also recall that ex-KGB head General Yevgeni Primakov and ex-Stasi head Markus Wolfe were hired to advise on the formation of Homeland Security.

    I don’t think this is a joke at all. Our government is identifying who is a threat to them. Our country has the largest armed citizenry in the world, and in my research, I’m finding that those pulling the strings are very few in comparison. And remember, the U.S. Government and America are not the same things at all.

  • Let me check my playbill:

    Would-be Times Square bomber – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage
    Would-be Christmas Day Underwear bomber – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage
    Would-be Moscow New Year’s Eve bomber – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage
    Fort Hood shooter – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage
    7/7 bomber – all Muslim, all Middle Eastern heritage
    Multiple terrorist bomb attacks in India, Russia, today in Norway, and elsewhere around the world – all Muslim, all Middle Eastern heritage
    9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon jet plane attacks – all Muslim, all Middle Eastern heritage
    Would-be Pentagon bomber last year – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage
    DC-area shootings at Marine buildings and military installations – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage
    Murderer who beheaded American journalist Daniel Pearl – Muslim, Middle Eastern heritage

    DHS Czarina JaNo has a serious problem reading facts with any comprehension. Nowhere does “white Christian guy, with possible military background and political bumper stickers” pop up in these perpetrator bullet points. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

    • ClassisFilm, So clear, so plain, so in our face. Liberals don’t believe they will be the first to go at the hand of Islam.

  • This article only makes me more determined to get my Gadsden flag tags on the truck and the ‘vette. I am a very patriotic person who is extremely alarmed at the direction our nation is headed.

    I wish I could remember how I found your blog so I could give them credit (it was probably Hot Air or Ace of Spades) but it was about your Agenda 21 piece. You have been added to my blog reader.

    I’ve included the link to my blog but don’t waste too much time visiting. I’m working full-time plus (50-60 hours a week) and I’m in school (five classes this semester) so it hasn’t been updated in a month or so. Maggie, I’m in awe. Love your site. You’ve caused me to abandon homework in favor of reading tonight.

    • Ima, thank you so much for this really lovely comment. I hope you do not mind that I put a portion of it in an article about Conservative blogs giving up and quitting. I also linked to your site. In case the trackback doesn’t work at Blogger, you can find it here

      If it does bother you, let me know and I’ll remove it.

      I share your alarm at the direction of our country. I am still totally shocked at the direction of Democrats in Congress. I can see how we might elect an almost unknow Marxist-in-hiding to the Presidency, but how do we elect an entire Democrat congress who shares the fondness for Socialism and Marxism.

      Thank you for reading:-)

      • I absolutely do not mind at all! Thank you. Maybe it will provide me the inspiration to write something new this weekend. It’s nearing the end of the semester so I don’t know how much time I’ll have but I’ll try.

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