Agenda 21 Controlling the Heartland: Ronald Reagan Fought It: Farmland in Peril

The time of Ronald Reagan is long gone, but Agenda 21 is alive, well and thriving with the help of the Oval Office and literally every White House Cabinet member and Department head involved. Obama’s Executive Order (EO) 13575 has set up a White House Council on Rural America. It sounds benign, maybe even helpful, but this isn’t about getting cable to your rural community. In the excellent video below, you’ll hear Ronald Reagan talking about the Federal Government trying to “remove 2 Million farmers from the soil.”

The endgame is about taking rural land from the use of the people, moving people into small areas, creating new communities in the name of “sustainable development.” You won’t read that in the EO, of course, but it is yet another leap forward for the Agenda to huddle us into “human settlements,” where we have fewer acres to scar.

Maybe the endgame is far, far down the road? Not if Democrats stay in office, and even then, we will have to be vigilant in making Congress understand what they have let happen since the Clinton administration. America is sleeping. Congress is snoring.

As Jim Gourdie at Conservatives on Fire says, this is not a conspiracy theory. It is a United Nations (UN) long-term strategy and official program. I admit it sounds conspiratorial. Could this be happening in America? Well yes, it is happening. You have only to set aside time to read to know the truth. The U.N. openly advocates and calls for One World Government. If you want to blame a conspiracy on someone, learn the truth about the U.N. (start here) and blame it on them.

There is no margin for error about a monstrosity that was created for the alleged purpose of preventing wars by uniting the world against any aggressor, but proceeded to unite it against any victim of aggression. The expulsion of a charter member, the Republic of China [Taiwan]—an action forbidden by the U.N.’s own Charter—was a ‘moment of truth,’ a naked display of the United Nations’ soul.

What was Red China’s qualification for membership in the U.N.? The fact that her government seized power by force, and has maintained it for twenty-two years by terror. What disqualified Nationalist China [Taiwan]? The fact that she was a friend of the United States.  It was against the United States that all those beneficiaries of our foreign aid were voting at the U.N. It was hatred of the United States and the pleasure of spitting in our face that they were celebrating, as well as their liberation from morality—with savages, appropriately, doing jungle dances in the aisles. ~ Ayn Rand

Thanks to The Mad Jewess for her warning cry and the video. Thanks to Jim Gourdie at Conservatives on Fire for urging us to get a U.S. Representative or Senator involved. If you have a connection, please use it. I suggest we tweet Conservatives in Congress over, and over. Send them links and ask for their interest and help.

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