Yonathan Melaku: Ethiopian Muslim Marine – Building Shooter and Bombing Suspect

Last week a man was seen in Arlington National Cemetery after dark. They later found his 2011 Nissan truck parked near the Pentagon. The truck’s owner, and the man seen inside Arlington is Yonathan Melaku. He is a 22 year old U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Lance Corporal. After confronting him, security forces began “massive road closures,” during Friday morning rush hour. There’s more to the story. Forensics have tied Ethopian-American-Melaku (or Ethiopian native) to five shooting at military targets last year. That was a big story, but authorities had not been able to find the shooter.

Yonathan Melaku

InsideNova (this publication says they received the information of the ties to the Marine building shootings from an unnamed official:

The military shootings began Oct. 17 at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, when someone fired at least 10 bullets into the building’s glass ceiling, narrowly missing a jet on display.

Two days later, bullets from the same gun shattered windows at the Pentagon. The FBI said six or seven shots were fired that morning just before 5 a.m.

The next related shooting came overnight Oct. 26 at a Marine Corps recruiting center in Chantilly.

The shooter struck a second time at the Marine Corps museum in Triangle Oct. 30, then hit a Coast Guard recruiting station near Potomac Mills mall on Nov. 2. After that, the shootings stopped as mysteriously as they began.

ABC refers to Melaku as an Ethopian-American. The story above refers to him as “Ethiopian native.” He was reportedly arrested on charges of theft related to auto break-ins in Leesburg, Virginia and has not yet been charged with the shootings.

When first apprehended, police thought something in his backpack might be ammonium nitrate which can be used in bomb making, that apparently is incorrect and no bomb making materials were found on him, in his car or in his Alexandria, Virginia home.

Pundit Press has some spot-on commentary on this story, and about Rep. Peter King’s hearings on Muslim radicalization and the Democrat righteous reaction.

I’m still unclear about the substance in his backpack. There are differing stories. One said whatever it was, was inert. I’d like to know how long Melaku has been in the U.S., and if he is actually an American citizen, or if he joined the Marine Reserves to gain citizenship (if that’s possible).

Melaku is a Muslim. He joined the Marine Reserves in 2007 but has not deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. This Washington Post writer speculated that the Marine Museum shooter could be a Marine. What a surprise – a Muslim Marine. Michelle Malkin has more.