Why and How the World is Collapsing Video

Thanks to Theo Spark for this terrifyingly clear video explaining the world collapse.

World Financial Collapse

Why and How the World is Collapsing (video)

The world’s largest economy, the United States, the place to begin review, is now more than $14.1 trillion in debt—and this debt is growing by over 4 billion dollars daily! This amounts to an over $45,500 bill for every U.S. citizen—or over $127,800 per taxpayer. Some expect the debt to be above $15.4 trillion this fiscal year—which means a growth of additional billions each day next year! (In reality, these numbers will almost certainly be higher.)

Such debt can never be repaid! In fact, most nations of the West are also now being crushed by impossible debt. Catastrophe now looms—and, in the case of America, here is why. The United States received about $2.16 trillion in federal tax revenue in during the 2010 fiscal year, but spending was over $3.45 trillion for 2010. Read more at The Real Truth.