WeinerGate a TweetDeck Disaster? Congress’ Tweets Tracked by TweetCongress.org

TweetCongress.org is a nonprofit website that tracks and archives every member of Congress’ tweets in real time. According to TweetCongress, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was using TweetDeck on May 27th when the yfrog url leading to the photo of someone’s gray undies, with someone’s privates in them, went round the world in short time. Apparently it is Tweet No. 3 below that might blow-away the idea of a hacked twitter account, as it is not impossible to hack TweetDeck but might be more difficult than a general web-based Tweet. Check the quote under the graphic.

The Daily broke this part of the story and printed the graphic above. The following quote is from Chris McCroskey, a Texas software developer who founded TweetCongress.org:

“Here’s the thing that solves it all,” said McCroskey, “for him to call for a criminal investigation. All they have to do is look at his TweetDeck and see if it came from there, see what IP address [it had]. The local police department or Capitol Police could probably figure this out in 15 minutes.”

Read The Daily piece which gives all the possibilities of hacking or logging into an unintended account and creating a Tweet disaster.

H/T David Lemon at Clay to Bronze