Weiner Yfrog: Yfrog Weiner Acct Not Compromised in Any Way

Yfrog, where the infamous pic of the supposed-Weiner-weiner was hosted, says their accounts were not compromised in any way.

Anthony Weiner

After shutting down their services for a security review and then the statement, Morrissey at Hot Air explains it this way:

In other words, one cannot upload photos to Yfrog with just a username, as some had alleged.  Nor has Yfrog’s e-mail upload system been hacked or compromised.  One might suspect from the quick and categorical conclusion to their probe that they may have some fairly convincing evidence of the origin of Rep. Weiner’s tweet and photo.  If Weiner really is interested in getting to the bottom of this, he could ask Yfrog to release that information to the public, or at least send investigators to retrieve it and find the culprits.

Of course, a failure to do either makes it pretty clear that Weiner or someone he granted access to the account uploaded the picture and sent the tweet.

The heat is on. The Other McCain says Weiner was missing from New York City’s Israel Day parade, with a graphic of a New York Post cover: HIDE THE WEINER – skips parades for backers. Actually, Weiner missed two high-profile parades. Related is WeinerGate a TweetDeck Disaster?

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  • The sleezeball is lying through his teeth. He doesn’t want his wife to find out, so he made up the story of his account(s) being hacked into.

    If his account(s) were really hacked into, the FBI would have been called in immediately and he would have given a statement. He has done neither of these.

    So much for honesty in our elected officials.

  • For mroe than ten years, I have had copies of an ex parte letter to a bankruptcy judge sent by Rep. Weiner on his House stationery, showing him to me a member of the Judiciary committee. The letter was co-signed by two New York state legislators. Judge’s chambers sent out a memo stating that the letter could not be considered. In addition to being improper as wex parte, the letters sought to open a breach in the constitutional wall separating the legislative from the judicial branches. For ten years, from time to time, I would try to call attention to the Weiner letter when an opportunity ariase — most recently in the Rockaway, Queens weekly, The Wave, May 20. Well, this constitutionally improper action by Rep. Weiner has gotten zero notice from officials and media these ten years. Perhaps Someone Up Above read the May 20 letter in The Wave, and decided to get some attention paid Rep. Weiner even if not concerning his unconstitional and quite unfair letter to the bankruptcy judge. That letter, btw, referred to the Dayton Seaside property tax manipulation by NYC, backed by HUD. If attention had been paid the Dayton Seaside property tax manipulation by the media we would have gotten government of, by and for the people back, in the Big Apple. Presently of course, in New York, as well as in D.C., we have government of, by and for the insiders. When we get insider government, we get what Madison, in Federalist No. 57, called the “ambitious sacrifice of the many, to the aggrandizement of the few.” This ambition tends to shrink the middle class, the fate of the middle class tending not to be a priority with the aristocrats, whiose apparent view of political equity declares: “Let them have food stamps.” Well then, let the food stampers of the country ( which includes this writer) unite — we have nothing to lose but Insider Government comprised of ambitious, arrogant. anti-founding legacy people like Rep. Anthony Weiner, once considered a leading NYC mayoral possibility, would you believe?

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