Weekend Reading List 6-17-11: Two Great Articles from Watchers of Weasels

The winners of The Watcher of Weasels’ blog entries have been announced. This week, Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish was the non-council winner, with Redistributing Freedom to Tyranny. Knowing that Daniel wrote the piece, and with the sobering title, surely you don’t want to miss it. The winning entry from the Council members is An American descent Into Hell by Terresa Monroe Hamilton at NoisyRoom. No doubt you care about your money, the stock market and this country’s fake recovery, what American’s are using for toilets these days, and the the latest bedtime reading…for parents. Read Terresa’s article for a reality check.

As much as I love books, nothing gets my attention and holds it like a good blog entry…concise and with confirming links. Nothing spurs my own research more quickly than a good blogger. Find the complete reading list at the Watcher of Weasels.

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