WaPo Needs Snoops: WaPo Investigates Palin – Wants ‘Organized,” ‘Diligent’ Readers

The Washington Post needs snoops. They need “organized,” “diligent” readers to delve into 24,000 emails sent from and to Sarah Palin during her time as governor of Alaska. The job pays big. You will receive compensation through a series of hit jobs on Palin, her family and her staff – even if there’s no evidence of anything to hit on. You’ll have plenty of dirt to share with your friends. You’ll be a Big Guy or Big Mamma on your block.

You simply fill out a form stating why you are the right person for the job, but as is always the case in any progressive venture, there are no “specific requirements.” Just be sure to express your hate for the beautiful, talented, and pithy constitutional conservative, because your “form” will be be booted in a hot minute if you don’t ‘splain yourself.

Your Rulers need you, and they know you are worthless. They know you have nothing productive on your schedule.

Run on over there now, and be a member of a WaPo “small team,” – much like most churches have ‘small groups, I guess.’ The New York Times needs you too. Maybe someone will organize an investigation of Deval Patrick’s email (Governor of Massachusetts) or Michigan’s former Governor Jennifer Granholm?

Turning the whole thing around:

UPDATE 10:50 pm CDT via Conservatives4Palin:

Stacy Drake

@Stacy_DrakeStacy Drake
ATTENTION PALINISTAS: If you have the time, volunteer at WaPo and at the NYTimes to go thru the Gov’s emails. You be the eyes not the haters
Stacy: To get involved in this process, go here to volunteer for the New York Times, and here for Washington Post. ADN has also announced that they will be seeking help from the public to go through these messages, and will release details later today, so heads up.

  • Is this what you call an “Open Conspiracy” ?

  • Finding “organized” and “diligent” in a pool of candidates for whom the pre-requisite is hyper-partisan, hateful, and blindly ideological may prove exceedingly difficult.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • They will hound her until she is dead…if it take 40 years, they’ll hound her for 40 years. And when she’s dead, they’ll start on her kids.

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