US Open and “Under God, Indivisible” Don’t Mix: NBC Apologizes

NBC apologized. Of course they did. In a video leading up to the U.S. Open Golf Championship coverage held in Washington D.C. at the breathtaking Congressional Country Club, a video shows our Military and then school children saying the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag. The whole pledge was intact, except the words “under God, indivisible,” which was cut. Poor editing? This is not the fault of the U.S. Open Championship. It IS the fault of NBC. I’d like to hear some top American players speak to this. NBC said it was not meant to offend. Apologies are cheap and, worse, meaningless these days.

U.S. Open Promo Video: “Under God, Indivisible” Deleted

  • They’re just following the lead of they guy in the WH. I mean wasn’t it just a few months ago when he wouldn’t “endowed by the creator.”

  • Ran

    I’m not a supporter of the Pledge. I am loyal to the Constitution, not the flag as such. The Constitution.

    The Pledge subtly but importantly dodges the fundamental ideas of America and substitutes symbolism. The Flag is important, yes, as a symbol of the Constitution and as a symbol of the Union of several States, but that is not how it is used – it is used as a symbol of the Nation, the State consolidated.

    This is no small matter: Loyalty to the Constitution is patriotism; loyalty to the flag is nationalism. They are substantively different; former is infinitely preferable.

    More, The 57 States (plus Hawai’i and Alaska) are indeed divisible. (cough) Should California vote for independence or should it be that the others vote to partition California, one would find no challenge under the Constitution, for it is a voluntary union – California would be free to sail and hoist the Bruin.

    The Flag? The Flag can mean anything the Government wants it to mean. We do ourselves terrible injustice by diversionary misrepresentations of our ethical core by adoration of the flag.

    The Pledge did not originally include “Under G-d” at all. We are Fifty States under G-d. Again, even the belated recognition of the existence of the Almighty is used to reinforce the monolith. Sheer blasphemy, in my view.

    Our Liberty and Justice derive from G-d, for they belong to G-d, under human protection of the legal framework of the Constitution. The Flag is incidental; the State it represents is a danger to Liberty.

    I could not care less about NBC’s vapors – they could not care less about the Constitution.


    • Ran, I agree that our loyalty is to our Constitution, which makes our country what it is, or should, but I believe the Flag is a symbol our country, which should be what the Constitution says.

      I don’t see it as nationalism. While the pledge at one time DID NOT say “under God,” it does now – so let it be changed, if possible and people are willing. It says it now, and NBC should not have altered the pledge of allegiance to the Flag, which represents our freedom, as granted by our Constitution. It was the Flag still standing in 1813, after meeting the Brits, that gave the country the vision of America as the home of the Free and the Brave, as so given by G-d.

      I do agree that without the Constitution, our country will no longer be free. Without our Flag, we certainly can be free, but as Ronald Reagan said (paraphrased), every morning we should ask, does that star-spangled banner still wave over the land of the free and the brave.

      School children can understand patriotism through our Flag, not so much the Constitution until they are older. The many adults who sadly will never read our Constitution can understand our Flag, as they never will the Constitution.

  • Ran

    Thanks Maggie,
    With respect, I disagree. The wording is not:
    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States and to the Constitution for which it stands… ”
    … etc. etc.
    with thanks to our Creator… ”

    The original intent of the Pledge, made clear by the original omission of G-d and the Constitution, both, is to supplant the underpinnings of patriotism. You make a good point about the Constitution and our kids – all the more reason that the Pledge should give thanks to G-d and to acknowledge the Constitution. It merely mentions G-d in passing, quite literally an after-thought. Could there be a better vehicle for introducing the idea of constitutional republicanism in young minds than the Pledge? If only!

    The rest of it is hardly a paean to Federalism, rugged individualism or personal responsibility.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love the Flag. I rather feel let-down by the “progressive” notions in the Pledge itself.