Troopathon Thursday June 23, 2011: Send A Care Package for our Troops!


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Today is the big day. Our day to join Conservatives (and hopefully Liberals, too) to donate to Move America Forward’s Annual Troopathan. This year this blog is on the Hot Air Blog team, proudly known as The Hot Air Steamers. The team has joined together to try to get the word out to you – our Troops need, and deserve some love from back home, and we can do that today with only a couple of mouse clicks. Video added below.

Remember their Sacrifice and Donate a Troopathon Care Package Today

Today Troopathon begins at 4 p.m. EDT, and continues to midnight. Several blogger teams are competing against each other to see which team can send the most care packages (which Move America Forwards does for us – freight free – tax deductible). The only prize for a team member, is knowing we did something to make the Troops a little happier, life a little more enjoyable.

On the live streaming event, which I’ll have here, you’ll see Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Big Government’s Rick Amato and others and others. The event will be live at the Nixon Library.

Also from the Bigs, Andrew Breitbart and gorgeous Conservative commentator, S. E. Cupps, will co-host with gorgeous Conservative radio talk show host, Melanie Morgan.

Melanie Morgan with Pvt. Jackson in Iraq

S.E. Cupp

You can buy your care package right this minute. You don’t have to wait until the actual event begins. Just click here and pick the package you want, or click any graphic in this post. Pay by credit card or send in a check or money order. It’s fast and you can write a message to our troops.

Along with Maggie’s Notebook, The Hot Air Steamers Team includes Hot Air BlogThe Lonely ConservativeNo Sheeples Here and One of Nine. Read about The Hot Air Steamers at Hot Air.

UPDATE from Rick Amato (Big Government):

One of the scheduled speakers is war hero and marine Nick Popaditch. Nick (a frequent guest on FOX’s “Red Eye”) was the tank commander and platoon sergeant in Baghdad during the historic fall of the statue of Saddam.

Recently Nick and his wife April joined me to talk about Troopathon and the significance it has for our troops serving in the Middle East. The YouTube video of the interview is below:

Nick Popaditch

Nick and April Popaditch with Rick Amato – Troopathon 2011 (video)

Click here to donate a care package or click the graphic above. Your donation is tax deductible.

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  • Have you heard anything about the competition? I wonder who won, or is winning.

    • I’m listening live and haven’t heard any bench marks or dollar amounts.