The National Organization for Women: NOW Declining or Growing?

I was recently asked what I thought about the National Organization of Women (NOW) – an organization I don’t give much thought to as most women have moved on to build a good and productive life for themselves, sometimes with a partner and sometimes not. More women graduate college than men. More women are prepared for the job market than men, but it is still true today that more women leave the job market to take care of family life, and for that reason must defend against how quickly they will have children, and quitting the coveted job to be a full-time Mommy. But today, there are laws that give both parents “maternity” leave sufficient to bring a child into the world and get the little one cared for by the time they return to work. Having children is not the workplace problem it once was. But what about NOW now? Is this organization, formed in the turbulent 1960’s, growing their numbers and keeping their agenda-enthusiasm-machine oiled and perking along? I don’t think so.

National Organization for Women (NOW)

NOW has a membership of 500,000. Chapters are in 50 states, and are scattered across college campuses from coast to coast. Their website says they are a non-profit fully funded by private donations and member dues, but neither are keeping up with prior years.

According to, which reports NOW receipts in two-year cycles, incoming funds have greatly diminished. Dues in most states are $35.00 annually, more in others. With a membership of 500,000, someone is not paying dues! See a good graphic (maybe I do not understand the “receipts” in this report???) at

In 2010 $99,510.00 (membership of 500,000 @ $35.00?)

In 2008 $252.008.00.

In 2006 $201,720.00.

In 2004 $219,361.00.

In 2002 $216,817.00.

In 2000 $270,312.00

In 1998 $161,663.00.

NOW claims to be non-partisan, and they have made small contributions ($65 – $1,073) to three U.S. House candidates since 2000, zero to U.S. Senate Republicans. Two of those candidates lost to Republicans and one, Connie Morella (R-MD) kept her House seat. Morella was against all of the Republican positions on abortion, climate change and gun control. In otherwords, she was a RINO (Republican in Name Only). PAC to PAC donations are to Democrat affiliations or uncategorized, such as the American Nurses Association.

In October 2010 Dr. John at Flopping Aces explained how to get the endorsement of NOW (snippets):

You call a woman a whore and you’re guaranteed NOW’s endorsement.

Provided you’re a Democrat. It’s worked now for both Jerry Brown an Alan Grayson.

A mere day after Jerry Brown referred to Meg Whitman as a whore, NOW endorsed Jerry Brown….

And the other shoe fell yesterday. NOW endorsed Alan Grayson

A year ago Grayson called Paul Bernanke adviser Linda Robertson a “K Street whore.”

In an off-the-cuff comment a few months ago about NOW on Conservative Pup’s article, I said perhaps the NOW nags made their living working for the organization, but that certainly is not the case. With little coming into the NOW coffers, salaries and benefits in 2010 dropped to $5,350, from $30,416 in the 2008 cycle; in 2006 $46,762; in 2004 (the last year salaries and benefits are listed), only $2,373.

Today’s busy work for NOW looks much like it always has, even more biased, ever-more Liberal, and full-blown Democrat. Taxpayer funded abortion is at the top of NOW’s agenda. Legal abortion is not enough. Your right to choose is not enough. I must help you pay for your abortion if you elect to find a free one. Barack Obama came into office and within days recinded the Mexico City Policy, and now my tax dollars and yours, disguised as foreign aid, pays for abortions across the world. When it comes to abortion, women’s rights extend to “them,” but not to “me.”

If your daughter is a member of one of the University chapters of NOW, she is being groomed to believe that everyone deserves a free abortion.

They lament child sexual abuse but illegals in the U.S. are not a concern. While they do talk about the terrible crime of human trafficking, they fail to mention if traffickers couldn’t get the women and girls into the U.S., we wouldn’t have a commercial sex trade. Young girls – both legal and illegal, we’re told, are disappearing – held in camps (some in the San Diego area), abused and often murdered. Our borders are broken. Let’s talk about stopping illegal migrants as one way to protect young women here in this country. NOW certainly sees the problem, but ignores the “illegal migrant” factor. Their rallies, street protests and protest movies are not about illegals in our cities, they are about amnesty and having the back of the Democrat agenda to increase the voter base.

But…NOW does advocate for health care for illegal children and they partner with the despicable La Raza gang. Note these children are referred to as “immigrant children,” not the children of illegal immigrants.

Did we hear from NOW when White, Gay Duke associate professor, Frank Lombard, sexually molested his Black adopted 5-year-old son, on camera, after drugging him – and doing it over and over? So significantly concerned about child sexual abuse, but more concerned about protecting Leftists and Academia. We heard nothing from NOW.

Muslim women, girls and boys endure the most degrading assaults at the hands of Muslim men, and sometimes mutilation, rape, incest, forced incestual marriage and murder. NOW is significantly concerned about violence against women, but not their Muslim sisters and the little boys who are often sexually ravenged. From The Weekly Standard: (to sum it up)

If you go to the websites of major women’s groups, such as the National Organization for Women, the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the National Council for Research on Women, or to women’s centers at our major colleges and universities, you’ll find them caught up with entirely other issues, seldom mentioning women in Islam. During the 1980s, there were massive demonstrations on American campuses against racial apartheid in South Africa. There is no remotely comparable movement on today’s campuses against the gender apartheid prevalent in large parts of the world.

It is not that American feminists are indifferent to the predicament of Muslim women. Nor do they completely ignore it. For a brief period before September 11, 2001, many women’s groups protested the brutalities of the Taliban. But they have never organized a full-scale mobilization against gender oppression in the Muslim world. The condition of Muslim women may be the most pressing women’s issue of our age, but for many contemporary American feminists it is not a high priority. Why not?

But in 2011, at the coming Tampa National Conference, NOW dedicates a workshop to “Islam and Women’s Rights.” The workshop plans to ask: “Can a woman actually choose to cover herself ?” but I don’t see, ‘Must a woman cover herself.’

They have invited a speaker from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Unbelievable! CAIR members are die-hard, Koranic Islamists. They are an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation scandal. They are a bad lot. They support terrorists. There is no room for women’s rights within CAIR. There should be no forum for CAIR in any American women’s organization.

NOW’s rhetoric on civil rights (in spite of Obama’s Lilly Ledbetter Bill) and equal rights still abounds. Yawn. Their contributions show that others see these issues as not pertinent in this day and time.

Equal Rights does have a more timely urgency – particularly the “demeaning portrayals of women….” Please scroll back up the page to the Flopping Aces quote on NOW and “whores.”

No wonder NOW is not supported monetarily.

Has there been any outcry from NOW about Egypt’s new “modesty police?” – the revolution that brought virginity checks?

As feminists have been griped with angst over the rape of women in Darfur, I do find that NOW has been distressed about it, and even called for “humanitarian aid” and “police protection” for women. But what isn’t talked about (or admitted) is the fact that the violence comes at the hands of Muslim warlords. Most of the world’s problems, including Darfur in particular, are caused by Islam. The point is, Muslim men make the lives of Muslim women unbearable, backed by their holy book, no matter where they live in the world, including the U.S. (and yes, I acknowledge there are exceptions).

It is disgraceful that the National Organization for Women will not honestly look at Islam and the grief it brings to good women AND men imprisoned within the theology and governance of Islam, and especially all those little girls NOW is so concerned about. The nags of NOW would not exist under Islam, just as leaving Islam brings death to apostates.

When Bill Maher used the word “twat” to describe Sarah Palin, NOW denounced it, but then accused Conservatives of trying to distract them from their agenda, and said “We are on to you, right-wingers.” What?

“You’re trying to take up our time getting us to defend your friend Sarah Palin. If you keep us busy defending her, we have less time to defend women’s bodies from the onslaught of reproductive rights attacks and other threats to our freedom, safety, livelihood, etc,” wrote Bennett. “Sorry, but we can’t defend Palin or even Hillary Clinton from every sexist insult hurled at them in the media. That task would be impossible, and it would consume us. You know this would not be a productive way to fight for women’s equal rights, which is why you want us stuck in this morass.” NOW blog.

Seems even the Left admits Leftist Progressive men are incredibly crude when it comes to Conservative women. Defending against them would “consume” them. Yes, I will admit there is nasty stuff out there about Hillary, but never has she been called a “twat” and never have high-profile Conservatives gone after her daughter, as high-profile Liberals have gone after Palin’s.

NOW is declining. It is no longer relevant and like most groups which formed to accomplish big things (civil rights and equality), those things have been accomplished so the agenda has to find other missions to keep going. Never would they simply disband, so today NOW seems to be more about misguided “social justice.”

We heard nothing from this group of “feminsts” that I can find, when the Department of Justice dismissed the already adjudicated case of voter intimidation against the dangerous men of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). Voter intimidation against Black, White and Hispanic voters in Philadelphia, or simple justice for them, was not a concern to NOW, or if it was it was a mere whimper.

The Philadelphia story is so egregious the U.S. Civil Rights Commission called for a federal probe – which isn’t happening. This should be an excellent newsmaking forum for NOW,  to stand-up for all people, but social justice for the NBPP must be more important.

The latest issue of import is “labor.” The Wisconsin budget legislation has given NOW a refreshed mission. Unionize the U.S. for Women’s Equality.

In the comment I mentioned above, left on a friend’s article, I also said “maybe they are just a few miserable, lonely, cranky, childless women trying to spread their rank beliefs to an audience which will buy their T-shirts, and send in a donation.” I admit there are more than a “few,” if their numbers are to be believed. Their only hope is “young feminists.” Mothers watch your daughters. They are raw meat for NOW.

Update 6-8-11: Stacy McCain is talking about feminism, Anthony Weiner, Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers and men who advocate for feminists. He posits that feminists are naive when they fall for jerks like Anthony Weiner, because…why would a guy buy the whole feminist thing?

Isn’t the feminist actually demanding that she receive favorable treatment on the basis of her sex? Hasn’t the feminist therefore elevated her own selfishness to the status of a political philosophy? Why should honest men permit themselves to be pushed around by the adherents of feminism, unless they are such cowards that they are afraid to offend those idiots? ~Stacy McCain at The Other McCain

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Photo credit: Emily Zoladz, The Grand Rapids Press