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Support Security Assistance for Israel

Please urge your members of Congress to support the U.S. commitment of $3.075 billion in security assistance for Israel for fiscal year 2012. Congress must stand by America’s commitments to Israel, particularly at a time of turmoil in the Middle East.

Sign the petition here and let your elected officials in Washington know how you feel, and how you will vote.

Let your voice be heard!!!!!

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  • Hamon Dale

    That’s why The Arabs hate us. Just yesterday at least 20 demonstrators killed by the Israeli forces on the boarders of Palestine with Syria and Lebanon. The munitions used are a U.S. made. The dictators the U.S. and Israel have been supporting for decades are falling apart. People are regaining their self-decision taking rights in waging wars against Israel in the very near future.

  • US needs to cut out all aid to every Tom, Dick and Harry until we get in better financial shape our self. Sorry about that folks but the bottom line is we need to stop spending in every direction. IMO How many billions is it going to take to say enough is enough. If you don’t like that then cut welfare spending here in the US – just stop the insanity NOW.

  • WE THE PEOPLE need to stop paying taxes and get rid of all those bastards in Washington DC. That would be a perfect solution, trust me. Until we do something drastic nothing will change!