Supreme Court: No Government Funding for ACORN – But…ACORN Still Getting Money

The stock market was up a bit today and the Supreme Court rejected hearing ACORN’s complaint that federal (taxpayer) funds are no longer available to them. It was a good day for me, not so much Barack Obama. Bet he and Michelle are are stabbing their steak at the dinner table tonight. How will BO win an election without the ACORN’s? Source: AP

But the 2009 banning of ACORN hasn’t happened with all government agencies in the years 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. The GAO says there isn’t a definitive list of ACORNs and ACORN affiliates:

We were not able to assess how effective agencies’ actions were at preventing agencies from awarding funding to the organizations included in their funding restrictions because there is no definitive list of organizations that agencies are

The Feds play so fast and loose with our money, they often don’t have a clue who it is going to, or why. ACORN built a vipers nest of layers upon layers of affiliates, and that hard work is paying off for them. Some money is still coming in.

A GAO reports says we gave ACORN $48 MILLION in the five years covering 2005 – 2009. The egregious Tides Center (Foundation) received $239,000 in 2008 to teach Chines and Arabic to high school students. A member of ACORN sat on the Board of Tides, 1995 through 2008. The ACORN member left in 2009, and Tides is now considered pristine and receiving taxpayer funds:

Tides Center no longer had any indicators of affiliation with ACORN [Determined because a former ACORN executive left the Tides Board of Directors in 2009 – and for no other reason].

For the first two quarters of fiscal year 2011, one agency made two awards to ACORN Housing Corporation (New Orleans)—currently Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA). One of these awards was retracted, and in September 2010, we found that AHCOA did not have any indicators of affiliation with ACORN.

Did you know that the Department of Defense gave money to ACORN? And NASA and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and the National Science Foundation (NSF)?

Folks, the things we don’t know are destroying our financial security.

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  • The most important aspect of this entire story is that ACORN didn’t really go away. They split into their local organizations, and changed their names. In the end, they made themselves harder to track, and when one falls to voter fraud charges, and the like, they don’t drag the others down with them.