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Religion and politics make perfect sense to me. In these Sunday Faith, news and views posts, I hope to highlight some of the important issues of our time. Today in Views, is the discussion of walking away from salvation, and in News, evangelicals believe they are losing influence in the U.S.

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The most gifted Christian blogger I have found is Carl Middleton at GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus. He posts only once a week and usually takes a question and examines it, Biblically, to the ‘enth degree. In his upper-left-hand sidebar, he says:

This Blog was created from the requests of others. As you will find, I am not a writer, counselor or pastor; just a believer trying to “Follow Him.”

Carl uses scripture for each of his own statements/comments/opinions, and he sometimes adds commentary from other studies. I promise, you will find resources you may not have considered before – perhaps a pertinent ‘word’ you missed or a passage that hadn’t previously come to your attention. Using God’s word, Carl will help you think through issues that are important to every Christian. You may disagree with him, but you will find reason to ‘think’ a little harder, research more, and maybe you’ll want to discuss it with him in comments.

The last two weeks Carl has asked: Can You Walk Away?

Can we … if we choose to … walk away from God and lose our salvation? Or as some teach, once you are born again, and have been accepted in God’s family, you can never be lost … no matter what you do.

Surely all thinking Christians have asked themselves this question.

In this week’s Can You Walk Away Part II, the question of being “scarcely saved,” is explored. Carl quotes Albert Barnes (only a partial quote):

Often it seems to be wholly doubtful whether those who have been converted will be kept to eternal life. They yield so readily to temptation, they conform so much to the world, they have so little strength to bear up under trials and they seem almost ready to yield and give up everything.”

So, a perennial question (my question, not Carl’s), that I bet you have discussed in your home, with your loved ones or friends – and a question that takes walking away from salvation to the farthest extreme:

A person accepted Christ many years ago, then somewhere along the way, commits a terrible, heinous, incomprehensible crime, taking a life(s), goes to prison and enters a Christian ministry and becomes born-again. Still yet, someone is dead at the hands of this person. Can this person ‘walk back’ to his/her salvation?

The answer I usually hear is that the person could not have been a Christian in the first place, and do such a thing.

Carl’s discussion of walking away from salvation DOES NOT choose a particular situation, as I have above, but Part II DOES comes to a conclusion. I hope you will read both Parts I and II, linked above.

U.S. Evangelicals See Declining Influence in U.S.:

The Rev. S. Douglas Birdsall, executive chair of the Lausanne Movement, which worked with Pew on the survey, said the U.S. pessimism is rooted in a changed culture where Billy Graham has retreated from public life and government-sponsored prayer has been banned from public schools for more than a generation.

“There was a time when there was a Ten Commandments in every classroom, there were prayers in public places,” he said. “So having gone from that position of considerable influence, even though we might actually have more influence than churches in … other parts of the world, the sense is that it’s slipping from our hands.”

I’m not all that familiar with Rev. Birdsall or the Lausanne Movement, and I’ll point out that much depends on what the meaning of “evangelical” is. In looking around the Internet, I am reminded of the once-Conservative National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). Unless there are recent changes, the NAE now accepts member churches who also have membership into the uber-liberal, National Council of Churches (NCC) which has a focus on “social justice,” blames Israel for the “Palestinian plight,” and supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” without giving us a definition of “comprehensive.” Maybe NAE’s need to accept the NCC was simply money???

The NAE participates with the Lausanne Movement, and according to this website supports the Lausanne Covenant, which:

…reflect the concerns of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. If a denominational headquarters is a member of the NAE, then it is advancing the goals of World Socialism and the final world government.

Today, I’m not going any farther with this discussion of evangelicals and declining influence, the Lausanne Movement, or the National Association of Evangelicals. I’ll be doing a lot of research and posting more.

However, I do know a lot about the evils of the U.N. Millennium Development Goal, and a lot about the evils of the NCC. It is imperative that Christians today, we who are so comfortable in our long-time church membership, know where our money is going, and consider why your pastor doesn’t speak from the pulpit about the dangers of supporting liberalism, losing our religious freedom, losing our Second Amendment rights, destroying America’s Rule of Law, through the support of the National Council of Churches. Friends, it’s NOT about the separation of church and state! It’s a very big subject. I hope you will give it more than a little thought and realize that our associations matter.

I do want to point you to my latest post on the National Council of Churches and their position on Israel. I hope this quote will motivate you to read more:

The NCC has produced a brochure to explain why we should be concerned about Christians who support Israel – Christian Zionists, we’re called. My church, and your church, sends a portion of my/your tithe/gift/offering to the NCC, which then produces materials I cannot abide, and  then has the audacity to claim the NCC has always supported the security needs of the Nation of Israel.

From the NCC brochure on Christian Zionism:

This brochure shows Christian Zionism to be  a misguided ideology that considers the State of Israel divinely ordained with the role of ushering in the end of history, where unconverted Jews and Christians of “questionable status” will be judged by God’s wrath. In fact, the brochure points out, many evangelical Christians and Israelis reject the notion.

Praying blessings for our Nation.

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  • Thanks Maggie for helping me share my thoughts about Jesus. Blessings …

    • Carl, your work is magnificent. I enjoy each week so very much. Blessing right back to you.

  • If it is possible to simply change my ‘website’ URL for this comment then you can read my opinion on ‘belief’ from the 17th. Otherwise I will just say Mr Middleton’s efforts are laudable. I especially appreciate your disclaimer Mr Middleton that you are a believer and nothing more. An understanding of which I suspect Jesus would approve. I certainly do. Keep up the good work.

  • On the salvation question, Paul talks an awful lot about it in his epistles, comparing life to running a race and winning the prize. He urges the Christian communities to work out their salvation in fear and trembling. Paul himself, after being personally called by Jesus and meeting him face to face, still does not seem cocksure about his own salvation.

    For these reasons, I don’t think anyone should presume anything.

    • Silverfiddle … That’s why it’s called “faith.” Paul did say this … Romans 8:1 …”There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus …”

      Paul in this verse does not speak of the power of the blood of Jesus that has already done away with our sin; but rather he speaks of the new position that is … entirely beyond the reach … of everything to which the judgment of God is to be applied some day. And that new position is that we are in Christ Jesus and therefore any condemnation awaiting sin’s judgment … can not reach us … because the whole sin issue, not just part, stopped with Jesus on the cross.

      I cover this subject in depth on my post “A Simple Period” Jan. 2009. You may find it interesting.

      God Bless …

    • Hi Silver, in Carl’s part II he uses the “fear and trembling” verse. I agree that we should not presume, but as Paul said, we must guard our hearts.

  • There is rising persecution and murder of Christians around the world and no one is reporting it except a few Christian Blogs.

    • Bunkerville, usually I’m talking about the persecutions and murders of Christians around the globe, in these weekly blogs, but I’ve been preoccupied this past week with the NCC. We certainly need to hear more about it. I’d like to hear more from the pulpit.

  • There are three things that are essential for our salvation: 1)repentance 2)Faith in Jesus Christ and 3)Baptism

    God Bless.

    • I agree Teresa, but what happens if we walk away? Is it possible?

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  • The attempt of the UN to influence religion is disturbing. Aside from Ron
    Paul, I’m not aware of any Republican candidate advocating getting us out of the UN. Why is this not an election issue?